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The Dog that Travelled Across Peru by Bike

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Far from what can be traveled and visited in the most conventional and touristic way, Peru is a sublime place to get to see even as a backpacker.
The Dog that Travelled Across Peru by Bike
Last update: 29 March, 2018

Peru is a beautiful country in Latin America and one of the most attractive tourist destinations at worldwide level. While traveling is spectacular, usually it’s impossible to bring our pets. The long journeys and some places that we travel to can be so risky for our little animals that it’s usually best not to bring them with us. Nevertheless, we’ll share the story of an owner who decided to bring his dog to visit Peru.

Inseparable friends

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Everything started when Claudio Alfonso and his girlfriend, Angélica Gutierrez, traveled to the Inca nation.

Once they arrived in Peru, Claudio started to feel very nostalgic for his beautiful, three-year-old Labrador named Boomer.

Angelica and he decided to quickly take a plane home to Colombia to pick up their best, furry friend.

In spite of this audacity, the owner of the beautiful, chocolate-colored dog would ensure that while their little four-legged friend traveled with them, they would be vigilant about his health and comfort, which is why if in some moment he was feeling bad, they would return home quickly to leave him there.

Bike across Peru

You maybe asking how Boomer was able to ride all over Peru on a backpacking trip. Well, Claudia and Angelica designed a bicycle with a space in the part behind and which he could be comfortable without any kind of danger.

Sometimes, they walked with Boomer at their side. This gave him the experience of being able to walk with his owners in an unknown place.

According to Claudia’s comments, the walks could only last from 7 to 10 in the morning. The sun was so strong that it obligated them to take a rest to later continue the journey in the Inca country. Additionally, the dog wouldn’t get so tired.

The three were able to ride through all of Peru in approximately eight months. And, the dog was the true star in each village and city that they visited. The people showed him so much love and affection. Additionally, they wished them luck on their travels.

His voyage ended up being so impactful that in this country.  A television program asked them to share about the journey. And, a food brand offered a veterinarian as well as food that the dog needed.


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Author: Eduardo Millo

After returning home after getting sick in Bolivia, Boomer continued enjoying his life for 11 more years, in which together with Claudio they would live various unparalleled experiences.

As the dog could no longer accompany his owner on his travels, his owner always traveled home every 15 days to make sure that he was okay and to spend good time sharing together.

Even though Boomer passed away at 14 years old, it’s not only Claudio who won’t forget him, but also all of the people who saw him in Peru seated happily on his bike.

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