Must-Watch Documentary: "Dogs, All Too Human"

"There are animals that are better than many people." Have you heard this phrase at some point? Of course. For animal lovers, this may be company, a source of relief, a friend...
Must-Watch Documentary: "Dogs, All Too Human"

Last update: 05 April, 2018

There are many people like us, who love animals. Yet, there are also more and more that abandon them. Why? It seems like the question without an answer. And this same question was asked by various people that decided to create a documentary that makes people aware of the harm that this brings.

‘Dog, all too human’: what’s it about?


“Dog, all too human” is a documentary that tries to find the reason why the presence of animal shelters is necessary in Spain.

The initiative emerges from the Cultural Accent Association, composed of a group of professionals that have done a wonderful job with this documentary.

The documentary is inspired in an animal shelter called Street Barks in Ciudad Real. In fact many of the interviews for the documentary are professionals that work in this place.

This work is created from various perspectives, but the principal perspective without a doubt is seeing it from the perspective of a dog. A dog expressing how he sees things from the outside, how he feels upon being created by his owner in his image and likeness and then abandoned.

Life as an abandoned dog

Yes, dogs are moldable beings that we create, adopting them to our personality, tastes and circumstances and making them what we want. However, they’re loyal to us therefore this furry friend asks in the documentary when he’s abandoned: Where will I live without you?

The other part consist of interviews with different professionals that through their dissertations help us understand why there is animal abandonment. If you are  thinking of getting a pet, seeing these interviews and honestly thinking about your  personal circumstances will help you make a wise decision, with your mind, because decisions made using your brain are always better than those made with the heart.

Would you like to see a sneak peek of this beautiful work, Dog, all too human? In My Animals we’ll give that to you.


Without a doubt, the abandonment of animals this something that causes so much sadness, and although there are different things that cause it, we can all do something to stop it.

animal protection


How to brake/stop animal abandonment?

It’s sad to think that in developed countries like Spain, the place in which this documentary is made, there continued to be such a widespread perception of what it entails to have an animal.

If you have a pet, help others be aware of with that implies, and if you still don’t have one, think about these details:

  • What will you do when it’s fully grown? On occasion we’re influenced by the sweetness of puppies and our spontaneity leads us to adopt a pet even when we hadn’t thought about it. But will you keep loving it when it’s not being a puppy anymore? This question is one that only you can answer.
  • What will you do when it gets sick? It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog or person, a disease entails time and money. Will you be willing to make sacrifices for your friend when she gets sick?

Further responsibilities to consider

  • What will you do when you go on vacation? Adopting a pet is like adopting a new member into the family, someone that forms part of your life. You must understand before doing it that if you like to travel often, going on vacation for a long time, you should have a solution for your pet: bringing him or leaving him someplace where he’s well taken care of until you return.
  • Can you take on the costs? A pet generates expenses and not only for food. It needs identification, vaccines, shampoo, visits to the vet, toys, a bed, food bowls, a dog kennel if you go on vacation…Can you and do you want to take on those expenses?

Please, think hard and long before adopting and help others also think before doing so. Having a pet is not like having a toy that we can throw out when we’re bored of it, it’s a living being to take care of and love.

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