Dogs Love Rock Music, According to Experts

Have you ever noticed how your dog reacts to music? Studies show that dogs love rock and can be used to lower stress levels.
Dogs Love Rock Music, According to Experts
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Last update: 21 December, 2022

Experts have confirmed that dogs love rock and reggae. You should start including these genres in the music you play in your house. That way you and your dog can enjoy some tunes together.

Dogs love rock

Experts confirm that dogs love rock.

Many people can’t live without music. What about dogs? Researchers have proven that dogs also love listening to all kinds of music. Reggae and rock are among genres that dogs love.

Music affects the dog’s behavior. In recent research, experts have measured dogs’ heart rates, as well as the amount of time they spend laying down rather than standing or circling.

These studies show that dogs showed lower levels of stress while listening to music such as Motown, pop, classical music, soft rock, and reggae. Experts saw the best results with the last two genres.

The dogs’ heart rates were significantly lower when listening to these genres. The researchers say this indicates lower levels of stress and greater relaxation.

Why would a dog prefer one style over another?

Although it’s hard to say exactly, dogs may like one style over another simply because they have their own preferences.

Situations where music can help you with your dog

  • If your pet is going to be alone for a long time or be in a stressful situation then music can help your dog stay calm while he waits for you to come back.
  • When you’re going to take your dog to the vet or the groomers. These can also be stressful times for a dog. Music will help make him feel safe.
  • When there are thunderstorms or fireworks: If you own a dog, you know how nervous she can get when it comes to loud noises. Although you should play soft music, make sure you turn it up loud enough so that it can help soften the noise of any thunder or fireworks.
  • When strangers come over. When meeting a new person, dogs can feel excited or nervous. Calming music can help make the experience easier.

Music for dogs

There has also been a rise in radio stations, television stations, and CDs especially designed for dogs, showing that many people are noticing the benefits.

The concept behind these music channels is to provide solutions to psychological problems that occur daily for our pet. They are also designed to combat any anxiety caused by separation from its owner.

Testing, testing

What music is your dog’s favorite? Some dogs love rock, but yours might like something else. If you want to find the best music to play for your dog when he’s home alone, the best option is to play different genres for them to see their reaction.

In these tests, it’s normal for you to think your pet doesn’t care either way and isn’t reacting. However, if you look closely, your dog may seem to be sleeping when he hears some sounds or very relaxed. This is presumably because he likes it and doesn’t mind the music as background noise.

On the other hand, if the music makes him wake up, scratch, or become very nervous, it’s likely that it’s not the right music to leave on when he’s home alone.

Classical music

A dog listening to classical music.

Many people have believed for a while that classical music can help dogs relax.

Classical music has already been used in different places to help pets calm down, and not just in homes.

Many veterinary clinics play classical music in the waiting rooms and consultation rooms. That way it can help the animal relax, as well as help make any recovery process as calm and relaxed as possible.

In some animal shelters, they know about the benefits of classical music among dogs and also use it as background noise for the animals in their cages.

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