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4 Dangers Of Not Choosing The Right Dog or Cat

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4 Dangers Of Not Choosing The Right Dog or Cat
Last update: 21 December, 2022

The risks of not choosing the right dog or cat are very different. A dog can bark non-stop due to being alone all day long or there is the dog that destroys the house when their owners are absent. In other cases, a feline can be the one that does all the damage.

If people would select the right pet, there would be fewer problems of coexistence or abandonment. Keep in mind that the life of a dog can be more than 15 years and 20 years for a cat.

In order to assure a good living environment in your home, it’s necessary to think about several factors, such as the time you would have to spend on caring for the dog or cat.

Dangers arising from not choosing the right pet

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When pet starts living in a home of a pet owner who hasn’t really thought about what it means to have a pet or taken some different factors into consideration — such as the time they’ll spend with the pet or the living environment in the home — there will be problems that will eventually affect the pet’s relationship with the rest of the family.

People’s problems at home directly affect the animal and it’s quite common for people to get into family arguments about taking care of the pet’s needs.

That’s why it’s important to carefully think about how a newly arrived animal would affect the living environment in your home or would having a pet become a burden to the family.

The risk of a dog or cat being abandoned

One of the main reasons why people abandon animals is due to not carefully thinking about the responsibility of having a pet.  There are studies that show that about 15% of dogs and cats are abandoned.

Other reasons are related to the animal’s behavior and the owner’s lack of attention towards the pet. A good example of this is when a baby is born. 

Lonely dogs and cats

When a dog or cat isn’t treated as they should be, they gradually will become lonely and unhappy. For example, if a dog is used to going out on walks and then suddenly, the owners stop taking their dog out for walks, the dog will progressively become depressed.

Each animal has their own personality that’s different to all other animals. However, an animal’s breed does influence the pet’s personality. For example, a poodle will have needs and a personality that are very different from other large animals.

There are dogs that need more physical exercise, and others that are more nervous or less independent. These are factors that must be considered when choosing a pet. If this doesn’t happen, then you’ll get an animal that difficult to understand and doesn’t adapt to your lifestyle. When this happens not only will the owner and his/her family will be unhappy, but the pet too.


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When the pet is with the wrong family and doesn’t receive the attention they need. Whether physical or emotional, they are in danger of falling ill. Some examples are depression in dogs or cats, anxiety and certain destructive behaviors.

The health of the animal can be seriously affected when the owners aren’t able to take care of them responsibly. One solution to this problem is making sure other family members and even your children do their part in taking care of the animal. In this way, the dog or cat won’t feel the sensation of loneliness and the children will become “responsible adults”.


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