9 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Cat

9 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Cat

Last update: 14 April, 2018

Cats or dogs? You may have been in this predicament on occasions. Maybe you like dogs more but you know a cat would adapt better to your lifestyle or vice versa. Whether you have decided or not, here are several reasons why adopting a cat will bring joy into your life.

Yes, there are several things about cats that you must know. They are not dogs, so their personalities will be very different. You cannot ask them to wait for you by the door, to move their tails, or to come whenever you call them.

Reasons to Adopt a Cat: Why Adopt a Feline?

Don´t Hesitate, Adopt One

Although they are different from dogs, that doesn´t mean they will not be an excellent companion animal. In fact, there are things about them that make them simpler than dogs, which in turn makes our lives a little easier. Here is a list of several reasons why adopting a cat is a brilliant idea:

They are hunters

Don´t worry about having bugs or mice in your house. Cats are natural born hunters; they chase anything that moves. Furthermore, cats don´t even have to chase rodents because they immediately flee just by seeing the mere presence of your new feline friend.

They are organized

Unlike dogs, cats are tidy and they like routines. They will do the same thing every day at the same time.  So fortunately, cats don´t get that house destroying anxiety attacks  which dogs do.

They are clean

One of the reasons why you should adopt a cat is because they are clean and they won´t need to go to the groomer like dogs do.  They wash themselves and always keep their space neat. What a great positive aspect!

You don’t have to take them outside

A cat has no need to go out for a walk like dogs do. Therefore, it is an advantage for those who work many hours away from home. However, just because they don´t need to go outside, doesn´t mean they should not exercise. So don´t forget to play with your feline so it gets some physical activity.

They go to bathroom by themselves

While dogs need time and effort to train them where to do their business.  On the contrary, cats only need a piece of paper damped with its urine and placed in a litter box.  From that moment on, it will know where to go to the bathroom.

They adapt easy to spaces

A cat is flexible and can be anywhere. Up high or on the ground, it doesn’t really matter. They don´t stumble over anything and they can reach the most inhospitable places. They have no need for large spaces to feel comfortable or run around in.

They can be alone

If you are away for the weekend, you won´t have to worry about where to leave your cat, because they can stay alone as long as there is food and water around. Although the best thing is for a family member or friend to visit. Nothing will really happen to your cat if it stays home alone for a couple of days.

They are quiet

Unfortunately, there are many neighbors who complain about everything and when you have a dog, this is usually a problem. However, a cat is silent, so it will not cause any problems in the neighborhood. You won’t be bothered by nocturnal noises either, but you may get awakened by some late night or early morning cuddling.

They are affectionate

Cats are so cute.

Amongst the reasons why you should adopt a cat, and regardless of their well-known fame of being solitary animals. You have to know they are very affectionate and will always look for you when they need pampering; which will be quite often. However, don’t expect it to do the same for you, hence their reputation as solitary animals.

Are you still thinking about adopting a feline? You can see that all the reasons to adopt a cat are too your advantage. Additionally, cats come in different colors, sizes and different kinds of hair, which makes it much easier to choose. Do not think twice and adopt a cat; we are sure you won´t regret it.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.