Adopting a Cat When You Already Have a Dog at Home

Adopting a Cat When You Already Have a Dog at Home

Last update: 01 January, 2019

Having a dog at home is one of the best experiences in life. From the moment they walk through the door, you won’t know how to live without them. They quickly awaken a special love towards other animals. Perhaps you might have thought about adopting a cat, or another animal. However, today we’re going to focus on cats, unless you want your house to turn into a zoo (well some might).

Who has ever heard about the saying “they get along like cats and dogs?” Is it true that cats and dogs can’t get along with each other? True or false, bringing a cat home when you already have a dog can cause some issues? Read this article to find out about some advice to keep these problems from happening.

Adopting a cat: don’t forget the professional advice

Dog sniffing cat

The workers at the adoption center where you get your cat can give you advice for making sure that your dog and new feline friend get along exceptionally well. It’s been shown that cats and dogs can be great friends. They can have a special connection almost to the point where it’s like they’re from the same species. Animals don’t have stereotypes.

However, each cat has their own type of personality. Not all of them are ready or suited to living with dogs. At the adoption center, they can tell you which is the best one for you. They know each cat personally. Also, they know which ones will are capable of living with other animals.

This can mean if you like a cat and they don’t get along with dogs, then you’ll have to make the sacrifice of choosing one that would.

Adopting a cat: the right way to introduce them to your dog

Formally introducing your dog and your new feline friend is important for them to get along without problems.

The adopted animal needs to feel protected. When they come to a new home with different animals and people, it’s normal for them to feel afraid. The best thing to do is to leave the cat in its carrier or cage. This way your dog can smell them and get to know them while your cat is in a safe place.

It’s important that you don’t leave them unsupervised for the first week they meet until they’ve gotten used to each other.

Adopting a cat with a dog at home: creating a good living environment

When you go somewhere and meet new people, you might feel a little uncomfortable. This is the same thing that happens to cats when they come to their new home. Not to mention the fact that you have a dog there too.

So, the best way for your new friend to get used to your home is to provide a conducive environment. Cats are easily stressed out if you change their routine. So, be sure to give them a calm place to stay. Somewhere without a lot of noise or too many people around them.

Adopting a cat when you have a dog at home: give each of them their space

dog and cat

Putting their food and water in the same place or putting their beds next to each other might save you some time cleaning. But, it’s important that your cat feels like a member of the family as soon as possible. Both of your pets should have their own place like everyone else. They shouldn’t feel like they’re an addition in the dog’s space.

On the other hand, if your dog feels like their space is threatened (remember, they’re territorial), this could cause some problems.  So, pick a place for your dog and then pick a completely different area for your new cat to sleep.