Home Anecdotes About Cats

These anecdotes, perhaps fictitious, reflect how amusing the coexistence between felines and owners can be.
Home Anecdotes About Cats
Francisco María García

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Last update: 18 November, 2023

Cats are very special animals, and they create enormous interest and curiosity in all of us. For this reason, there are many legends, stories, and myths in popular culture involving these animals, their instinctive abilities and supposed ‘extrasensory’ powers. Below, we’re going to have a look at some home anecdotes about cats, their behavior, and their relationship with humans.

5 home anecdotes about cats

Although at first sight they may seem loving and calm, some cats have disparate personalities that cause funny and weird situations in everyday life. If you find cats appealing and want to adopt one, you’d better read some of the following home cat anecdotes to prepare yourself for what could be awaiting you!

1. A cat, its owner, and an unusual visit to the vet

One day, a lady of a certain age entered a veterinary clinic with a cat in a carrier. The woman asked to speak to the veterinarian because of a very urgent problem she needed to tell him about.

Cat carrier.

The woman claimed that her sister, the previous week, had woken up with a worm in her bed. Upon hearing the story, and not quite understanding why the woman had come to see him, the practitioner suggests that her sister find a doctor. He then asked the woman exactly why she had come to visit his clinic.

However, the woman still hadn’t finished her story and continued to explain the problem. She then told him that her sister had already gone to the doctor, who had prescribed her an anti-parasite medication. She had even taken the medication at the weekend, the night before, and on the same day.

Feeling rather tired of the incoherent story, the veterinarian told her that he thought it was great for her sister to follow her doctor’s orders. However, the woman still hadn’t finished her story…

The lady went on to say that her sister had removed a three-meter-long parasite from the kitten (not a pleasant image to imagine). To which the veterinarian replies that there are tapeworms in cows and pigs, which can be even longer.

It wasn’t the worm, it was the cat

The lady continued with her story, getting quite agitated. She told him that her sister had put the huge parasite in a jar to show it to her doctor. Logically, the vet asked what the doctor had told her when he saw such a worm.

But the woman told him that they couldn’t get to the doctor with the parasite, because it had been eaten by her cat! So, after a long-drawn-out story, it turns out that the real question she wanted to ask the vet was what she could do with her feline after that disgusting episode with the worm.

2. A posh home, a chubby kitty, and an unexpected ending

On the fifth floor of a very posh building lived a lady in her late 60s. The woman, who was always very well dressed, was the proud owner of a black kitten named Cindy.

Home anecdotes about cats.

One day, the lady went to the veterinary clinic very worried about her cat’s excess weight and nervousness. According to her, Cindy had gained weight rapidly and was more restless than usual.

The veterinarian asked a few questions to verify the symptoms, but found no signs of illness. He then asked the lady if her kitten was intact or had been spayed. To this, the lady replied that she didn’t like to spay her animals and that Cindy had never had an operation.

The veterinarian proceeded with a thorough physical examination, especially of the kitten’s abdomen. After feeling her belly and detecting the presence of developing fetuses, the doctor looks at the woman and says: “But madam, your cat is pregnant, didn’t you know?”

Showing some anger at the professional’s question, the woman answers: “No, sir, that’s impossible. Cindy never leaves my apartment.” Of course, the veterinarian is confused, and, for a few seconds, doubts his own diagnosis.

But Cindy wasn’t so alone…

The veterinarian, looking out of his window, notices a large and beautiful feline in the window of a neighboring apartment. So he asks his client: “Excuse me, ma’am, but you haven’t told me if you have another cat in your apartment.”

Yes, I do have another cat at home”, the woman answers with a tired and angry tone.

“I’m sorry madam, but could you tell me: is this cat male or female?” asks the veterinarian, clearly relieved that his veterinary knowledge hadn’t failed.

As you can well imagine, the woman answers that she has a male cat. With a semi-smile on her face, the vet asks if the other cat is neutered.

“Doctor, I told you I don’t like to neuter my animals. It hasn’t had an operation” the lady replies again, with some anger in her tone of voice.

Faced with this response, the vet informed her that her cats had mated and Cindy was pregnant. With utter horror upon hearing this statement, the lady affirms with great indignation:

“Impossible, doctor, it’s her brother”.

Taking advantage of these funny home anecdotes about cats, we’d like to remind you about the importance of maintaining effective reproductive control in our cats.

3. The manipulative cat

A lady and her grandson lived on the third floor of an apartment building, and they shared their home with a beautiful cat. One day, the owner planned to cook fish, so she took some frozen fish out of her freezer and put it in the sun on her balcony – enough for the two of them.

Of course, the cat was quick to detect the aroma emanating from the delicious feast, so she soon hatched a plan to steal the food. Seizing a moment when the lady was distracted and no one else was watching the fish, she ran swiftly to the balcony. However, she didn’t count on the fact that it wouldn’t take long for her owner to realize her goal.

Just before the cat could sink her fangs into her precious booty, the lady caught her in the act. With no other way out, the feline decided to jump off the balcony, which scared her owner to death because she didn’t think she would survive such a fall. With tears in her eyes and deep sadness, she spoke to herself, saying:

“My poor cat, I could have bought you fish every day”

She then tried to go down to the second floor to retrieve her poor dead cat, but a surprise was waiting for her at the door of her apartment. It was her little furry friend coming home as if nothing had happened. Of course, the lady hugged her and kissed her lovingly, over the moon that she had no injuries. That day, everyone ate some fish, including the little cat.

The only problem is that the little cat learned from the situation, and every now and then she does exactly the same thing. She steals food and throws herself off the balcony to scare her family. When she “comes back from the dead” again, her owner ends up rewarding her with a delicious treat.

4. Overspending

A young bachelor living with his cat noticed that his water bill had increased quite a bit. As time went on, he began to suspect that one of his neighbors was somehow stealing water from him, and so he called a plumber to check it out. Contrary to what he expected, the plumber found nothing strange in his water connection.

Time passed and the young man couldn’t figure out why his bill was so high. Tired of searching without getting any answer, he came to the conclusion that a family member or friend was the one entering his house and using water without his permission. Therefore, he decided to set up video cameras to catch the curious thief.

When he checked the video, though, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It turns out that his beloved, plush cat had learned how to turn on the kitchen faucet. Not only that, but while its owner was away, the cat climbed up on the sink every day to watch the water run for 6 hours a day. Why didn’t the young man notice? Easy, the faucet would turn itself off after a while, so it was basically the perfect crime.

5. The magic words

Vanessa the cat lived with a loving family who took good care of her and spoiled her. She had never been yelled at, for even when she misbehaved, the “telling off” was gentle and understanding. One day, her owner had an important job interview via video call. He proceeded to get changed and set up his computer to connect.

Minutes before the call began, little Vanessa appeared at his side. As soon as she heard the interviewer speak, she decided to start meowing and purring near the computer. This didn’t amuse her owner and he was annoyed about the situation. Thankfully, the interviewer began to laugh and took it in good humor.

Finally, the owner took a breath and turned to look at Vanessa. With the calmest voice in the world and great gentleness he said the following:

“Vanessa, it’s a pleasure to have you with me, but I’m afraid this is not the right time, I have to ask you to leave”.

At that, the cat turned around and walked towards the door. Almost as if by magic, little Vanessa had understood perfectly what her owner was asking her and very promptly obeyed.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our home anecdotes about cats! Have you got any to tell us?

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