Dog and Cat Friendships: Three Remarkable Stories

In spite of their differences, there are many ways in which a dog and a cat are similar. Both have similar behaviors such as the way they groom and yawn.
Dog and Cat Friendships: Three Remarkable Stories

Last update: 28 July, 2019

Dog and cat friendships are impossible. That’s what some people say, but where did this myth come from?

A dog and a cat can definitely be friends. In fact, they can have a bond that’s even stronger than the best of human friendships. There are many stories to prove it and today we’ll tell you three of them.

This article has a special dedication to those who would like to adopt one of each but think it a bad idea.

Dog and cat friendships: Story no. 1 – Hundt and Zeus

This is the story of Hundt and Zeus. Hundt was a kind of abrupt, playful, friendly German Shepherd. Zeus, a huge fluffy cat with a big, duster-like tail and long whiskers.

Both animals lived in a home where there were at least 14 cats and Hundt was the only dog. He slept outside to guard the house and the cats didn’t really have much contact with him. When they happened to see him they would even attack him because they were afraid of him. This was either due to his large size or because he was intruding somehow.

But for some inexplicable reason, one of the kittens seemed to like that big guy who lived on the other side of the door. Then, progressively, the two became inseparable. They were so close that Zeus even licked Hundt’s ears and ate his food. In addition, whenever it was time to go into the house to sleep, the cat stayed outside as he preferred to spend the night with his friend.

One sad day the dog became very ill and died. Everyone in the house mourned his absence, but the loss was truly devastating to Zeus. The cat would wait outside for his friend to return, in their usual spot. It didn’t matter how many days went by, the cat never stopped waiting for his dog friend. As the days went by, the feline became more withdrawn and still didn’t want to go inside the house. There’s no doubt he was still waiting for Hundt to return to him.

Friendship story no. 2: Chip and Adele

In this story, both animals were abandoned when they were still very young and found in each other the company and love that no one else could ever give them. Chip was a 5-week-old Chihuahua dog and Adele, a kitten who was left on the street when she was only 1-month old. There’s no information as to why their previous owners abandoned them.

Fortunately, they were welcomed by an animal shelter in Dallas, Texas and they survived.

One day a family came to the shelter with the intention of adopting a puppy. They found out they could adopt Chip, but that he belonged in a “packaged deal”. If they wanted him, they also had to bring along his cat-friend, Adele. So, under that condition, the Buxton family took them home immediately. After they got to know them better, they were surprised at how close the animals truly were. The two don’t separate for a second, not even to sleep.

Dog and cat friendship story no. 3: Tervel and Pudditat


If you’re a little sensitive, then this story will make you cry. The main characters are a 14-year-old Labrador dog named Tervel and Pudditat, a beautiful cat.

The dog was blind and partially deaf, due to his old age. Unfortunately, due to these health problems, he became a lonely animal who had to stay in his basket most of the time. Then, Pudditat arrived and his life took a 180° turn.

Some people thought the cat rather authoritarian and bossy as he didn’t get along with his little siblings. So, when he arrived at his new home, he immediately made friends with that blind old guy who still had a lot to offer, especially his affection. Soon after, Pudditat was not only his best friend but also his seeing eye and guide.

Thanks to the cat, the dog can now move around with confidence and ease, following the steps of his companion, guide and friend. Undoubtedly, a lovely gesture of love that deserves gratitude.

Well, now that you’ve finished reading these stories, do you still believe dogs and cats are born archenemies? These are just three of the many, many stories of friendship between a dog and a cat out there.

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