Choosing the Ideal Place for Your Fish Tank

When choosing the ideal place your fish tank, it's important to prioritize the health and welfare of your pets.
Choosing the Ideal Place for Your Fish Tank
Francisco María García

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Choosing the ideal place for your fish tank is essential if you want to create the right environment for your fish. 

A fish tank isn’t an ornament

While no one can deny that a fish tank can make a wonderful feature in any home, it shouldn’t be treated as an ornament. It’s home to living creatures that deserve to be admired and cared for.

Having an aquarium is a big responsibility. Fish require special attention in terms of their diet, hygiene and development. When you choose to add plants and other items to your tank, you’ll also need to take additional preventative measures to keep your tank in good condition.

A goldfish bowl.

Fish are very sensitive animals. Favorable and unfavorable changes in their environment are quickly reflected in their health, behavior, and appearance.

Choosing the ideal place for your fish tank: caring for your fish

An aquarium is synonymous with tranquility and balance, so it’s important to choose the ideal place for your fish tank, whether it be at home or at work.

Never leave your aquarium outdoors. The waves of cold and heat can be very dangerous to the health of your fish. Ideally, they need a well-ventilated environment with plenty of sunlight.

Strong air currents can rapidly lead to changes in the water temperature of the fish tank

Choosing the ideal place for your fish tank: lighting and electricity

An excessive amount of sunlight isn’t beneficial for your fish, as it can lead to excessive algae growth. This, in turn, leads to an imbalance in the ecosystem in your aquarium. In addition, too much direct sunlight can overheat the water, causing further negative changes in the environment.

Another essential part of caring for your fish is placing the tank where there are very few power sources. Don’t forget that water is the best natural conductor of electricity. If there are any accidents or small splashes, water droplets could easily cause a major power outage in your home.

Choosing the ideal place for your fish tank according to the principles of Feng Shui

Fish tanks hold a special place in the teachings of Feng Shui, and are seen as harmonizing elements in homes and other environments. So, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of your fish tank, you need to choose the ideal location. You could even use a compass to make this easier, and ensure you find the right spot.

Those who study this philosophy recommend placing fish tanks to the right of windows, preferably on the north side of your home or office. This arrangement is said to be the perfect way to fill your home with positive energy.

They say that aquariums should never be placed to the left of the window, as this could attract bad energy, especially in your work and romantic relationships.

Feng Shui also recommends choosing a specific number of fish for your aquarium. The total should be a multiple of nine, as this number is said to represent the culmination of a cycle.

The right color pallet

Some people pay attention to the colors of the fish when they buy them from the pet store. Here’s a quick summary of the supposed meanings behind the colors:

  • Orange: prosperity and abundance
  • Red: wealth, healing and power
  • Black (and dark brown): authority, money and wisdom
  • Blues: serenity and happiness
  • White: peace and cleanliness

Fish color and their environment

It might be interesting to harmonize the colors of the fish with their environment, to create a sense of unity. The dominant color should be the one that signifies what you want most in life, while avoiding undesirable clashes.

Setting up your fish tank.

If you want to improve your work environment, we’d recommend placing your fish tank where every employee can admire it properly. In that way, no one feels hard done by or worse-off than anyone else.

Aquariums can also be used to transmit feelings of peace and serenity to patients, which is why they’re such a common sight in dental practices.

Hygiene: the key to caring for your fish tank

A fish tank will also need other care besides just the right location, mainly relating to hygiene.

Fish breathe, “drink” and feed in their water, so it needs to be in perfect condition at all times. If not, your fish won’t be able to survive for long.

Ideally, you’ll need your own filter system, specifically chosen for the size and population of your aquarium. You’ll also need to clean the inside of the fish tank and completely change the water at least once a month.

It’s really important to avoid letting food build up at the bottom of your tank. This is one of the main sources of contamination in any aquarium.

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