Lucifer, the Paralyzed Cat that Helps others

Lucifer, the Paralyzed Cat that Helps others

Last update: 30 May, 2018

When we hear the name Lucifer, we relate it to the dark, the supernatural and something evil. However, these qualities have nothing to do with the main character of our story today. Rather than being evil, the cat named Lucifer is all heart and and is a cat that helps others.

If you are curious, keep reading this story about a black cat named Lucifer. Feline life played a trick on him, but he knew how to find the positive. In spite of being an animal, he applied the motto “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Lucifer and his accident

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Lucifer has lived in a veterinary clinic ever since he was found by the workers there. When they found him, he could not walk because he had been crushed by a door, causing a major spinal injury.

Although he was treated and survived, the injury was very serious and the consequences do not allow him to move his hind legs.

However, his desire to live makes him a friendly towards everyone, whether they are people or animals. This has helped him to get a job in the clinic.

Lucifer and his work in the clinic

This cat never lamented his fate, despite having been paralyzed. They got him a wheelchair for cats, and he soon began to walk through the corridors of the clinic greeting the other patients who were there.

The workers at the clinic soon realized that Lucifer was supporting the other sick animals. He seemed to have a very positive influence on their state of mind, helping them to a speedy recovery.

So Lucifer got a job at the clinic. He is a team member that would help the most disadvantaged to fight for their lives no matter if they were crippled like him or dealing with other kinds of problems.

First he approaches animals’ cages to see their reaction (sometimes dogs and cats do not get along, and Lucifer knows this).  When there is a special connection, the vet opens the cage and Lucifer enters and stays for short periods.

He lies on his side, caresses them with his paws and tries to play with them The ill animals respond as far as their ability allows them. All this raises the animals’ spirits and accelerates their recovery.

For those who unfortunately cannot be cured, Lucifer at least helps them pass the best final moments of their lives happily.

Lucifer has many jobs

lucifer cat

Who says having a disability is an impediment to having a job? Lucifer has two! In addition to taking care of others, encouraging them and instilling in them a desire to live, Lucifer is the marketing image of the clinic.

He has posed as a model for several campaigns, and these have been a success. There are some very funny images of Lucifer.

An interview was made up and put on the website. The interviewer asked if he felt special, to which he answered,

“No, I’m not a star. I’m just a cat, although sometimes I feel like a human. I just want to thank the clinic for this opportunity to live and to be able to help animals in need. ”

This response was accompanied by a photo of Lucifer. Then there was another photo in which Lucifer had a toy crown and said, “Ok, I admit, sometimes I wear a crown, and I like it…”

His sense of humor is unique.  Besides instilling the desire to live in other animals, there is no doubt that this cat has a lot to teach people as well. His attitude reminds us that “if you cry because you cannot see the sun, the tears will not let you see the stars.”

Thank you, Lucifer, for your important and valuable life lessons.

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