Pets and Decor Aren't Mutually Exclusive

You have a pet and your decor should reflect their presence; after all, it's their home too.
Pets and Decor Aren't Mutually Exclusive
Francisco María García

Written and verified by the lawyer Francisco María García.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Having a pet doesn’t mean you should live in a pigsty. You can create a harmonious environment for all and the keys to accomplishing it are integration, organization, and planning. As you can see, pets and nice decor aren’t mutually exclusive.

Also, the homes of people with pets must meet certain standards. In fact, you might even have to adapt a few things depending on the specific needs of your adopted animal. Here are some ideas to overcome these challenges and not die in the attempt.

Pets and decor – a space of their own

Some animal species are quite territorial, and this is the case with dogs and cats. This makes it easier to allocate them a fixed space where they can sleep, eat, and even do their business. In fact, training and territory go hand in hand.

A cat playing with a necklace.

Thus, managing their education and behavior at home will depend on the assignment of a place of their own. You must adapt it to comply with the animal’s rules and dynamics. In turn, doing so will allow you to perform some tasks, such as cleaning, more easily.

This isn’t about sacrificing a room or an area that’ll smell bad and look messy all the time. Animal owners can integrate this space into the rest of their decor and their own concept of “home” with cleanliness and organization.

You must define some parameters from the beginning

Size and breed are important things to consider when you adopt a pet and bring it home. So, they must have what they need to adapt to their new residence.

For example, it’s a huge mistake to adopt a Golden Retriever, or a Siberian wolf, when you live in a studio apartment. This isn’t a big deal when they’re still puppies, but it’ll become a bigger problem as they grow up as they’ll lack the space they require to move around.

Similarly, your pet’s breed must be suitable for your home’s typical temperature. Either that, or you must create the right conditions for both to coexist in the same place.

Pets and decor – things to consider

A pet’s eating quarters together with the place where they do their business must both be well-ventilated. Otherwise the space will have a characteristic bad smell and it’ll discourage your attempts at cleaning or sprucing it up.

Also, if you’re going to keep pets with claws then consider furniture made with hardy materials. The goal here is to keep your little friend from ripping your upholstery together with any other soft goods you might have around.

Avoid placing breakable objects far from their reach. Try to stick to small carpets and sturdy cabinets. Also, keep a vacuum cleaner around as it’ll make your life a lot more bearable by maintaining your home clean and tidy.

Pet decor

Once you know exactly what kind of pet you’ll adopt then you can undertake any changes based on their needs. The goal here is to focus some key interior decor details around their appearance.

For example, you could paint the walls in the same tone as their fur. You can also use decorative objects shaped as their spots. And, you might even implement some objects that allude to their species. All of these are some cool trends going on right now.

What will happen is that the dog or cat will also match the style of your home and everything will look intentional, like it belongs there. Also, the pet will be the main theme of your house. As you can see, pets and decor can be the perfect combination.

A pet that seems to be part of the decor.

Interior design for pets

These days you can find designers and entire lines of furniture dedicated to covering the animal-lover market. Thus, dog houses and litter boxes no longer have to be so basic.

For example, you can find everything from furniture made for cats, stylized dog houses, and even bedside tables that also serve as beds for small pets. These are just some of the ideas you’ll find if you browse the internet.

The people dedicated to it are professionals with brands and other initiatives that seek to change the way we interact with the domesticated species we keep at home. So, when you see it from this perspective, pets and quality decor are made for each other.

In conclusion, having a pet and a classy home is quite possible if you plan it from the beginning. This is because cleanliness, determination, and a certain cash investment will be more than enough. However, you must be disciplined.

Do you like pets and stylish home decor? Get to work, then!

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