The Moment When a Cat Changes Your Life Forever

The Moment When a Cat Changes Your Life Forever

Last update: 11 July, 2018

Love and respect for animals must be one of the most important guidelines in our life. The arrival of a cat in your home has a large emotional factor. In addition, a cat can benefit you in a variety of important ways.


How Can a Cat Change Your Life? How Does Adopting a Pet Benefit You?

Several advantages of integrating cats into your daily life

Cat sitting on an elderly person's lap
  • They provide company. There is nothing comparable to the warm feeling of arriving home and seeing our pet affectionately waiting for us. They give you the best welcome ever with their attention and their love.
  • They raise your self-esteem. In the company of your cat, you will not be concerned with worries of your daily life, as you have someone who counts on you to take care of them and this keeps you busy. This produces high levels of well-being and, in turn, reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Your cat can be the center of attention when family and friends visit your house. Aside from that, many of your topics of conversation will revolve around your animal’s needs or daily routine. It is likely that if your cat enjoys being around people, it will stick around when you have company.
  • You can socialize more via social media. There are many forums and places to share photos online, and stories about cats.
  • When you choose a pet, it is important to know that cats are characterized by being independent and autonomous. They are also very fast learners.

Pets from Ancient History

If we take a moment to think about the past, cats occupied very important positions in Ancient Egypt. They were considered the protectors of the Sun, of men, and of the home. Cats instill a lot of respect.

During the Middle Ages, superstition, fears and time-period related fears were lethal to cats. For whatever reason, they were associated with bad omens.

Fortunately, cats have gone back to having very important roles in our lives.


How Cats Can Help People Who Are Ill

It is said that cats work with our energy, by absorbing it and helping us, and then transmuting it. The positive effects of purring have already been demonstrated—it produces serenity and allows us to momentarily forget about our problems and concerns.

It is interesting how, on many occasions, cats share our symptoms and emotional imbalances. Many times these emotions are evident in cats, but we do not recognize these signs as being equal to ours. We are referring to situations of stress, fear, anxiety, isolation, intolerances, etc.

As an example, when cats insist on sleeping on a certain part of your body, it is possible that, without you knowing it, you need healing or energy reinforcement in that area. When it comes to the parts of our bodies that cats insist on coming into contact with, the cat is usually diagnosing diseases, tumors, nodules, health or emotional problems.


A Cat’s Needs

Even though they are independent, cats are animals with minimal needs. If these needs are not met, they will get stressed or sick, or they will even run away.

Cats are often rejected because they are not animals that can be manipulated, grabbed, etc. They have a very different type of character to dogs.


Research Study Results

Some research has concluded that cat owners are less likely to die within a year of having a heart attack than those who do not own one. In this way, caressing a cat or listening to its purr usually causes vasodilatation of the peripheral arteries and vessels, which favors relaxation.

Another study, carried out by experts from the University of California in Los Angeles, found that just a twelve minute visit from a dog or a cat to a patient hospitalized for a heart problem, can improve the person’s lung and heart function.

Researchers call all of these advantages,”positive effects.” These animals bring positivity into the life of humans and are classified into three categories: psychological, physical and social.


Social Benefits

Child kissing and holding a cat

Being aware of a cat is very beneficial for the little ones in your household. Besides, keeping the animal’s schedule and needs in mind, it is also good exercise for a child’s memory and concentration.

In the case of the elderly, interaction with cats is considered a natural antidepressant. Simply having the responsibility of being aware of the cat’s needs can be a big help when a person gets older.