We Brought You Home and You Brought Happiness

We Brought You Home and You Brought Happiness

Last update: 11 June, 2018

Having a pet, whether it’s a dog or a cat, just fills your life with happiness. They have a way of making you feel loved, needed, and much less lonely. It’s something that people who’ve never had a pet simply can’t understand. It’s a feeling that only we know.

We wanted to capture that feeling in a letter… Maybe you’ll identify with it. Of course, your pet is the best one in the whole world, so you probably do enjoy that very special friendship masters and pets share.

The day you came into my life

I sit down and I look at you, and it reminds me of the moment you came in that door for the very first time. The minute you got here, everything changed.

You were so shy, but it wasn’t long before you were chasing after my legs and hiding under my shelter. You trusted me, and you barely knew me! I felt like a superhero with the power to protect the helpless.

The first day I had to go to work, it was horrible leaving you there alone. Your eyes were filled with so much sadness and you chased after me, trying to get through any small crack in the door so you could come with me. I would have loved to take you, but as much as I tried to explain to you that it was not possible, you didn’t understand.

All I wanted was to go home. I had been worried all day wondering if everything was ok, or if you needed me. When I got home, your joy upon seeing me was so immeasurable that I forgot everything else and just wanted to scoop you up and give you a treat.

Is it possible to love someone any more than this?” I thought. Today, 7 years after that day, I can assure you that the answer is no.

Thank you for the memories

I look at your sweet face and relive the time we’ve spent together. It’s been good times and only good times! You brought happiness into my life and into our home.

No matter how many changes happened, or how many people went in and out of my life, you loved them as much as I did. That made things easier for me. But I imagine that making my life easier is something that you’ve done all your life.

I love seeing you ask my partner to pet you and play with you. I love seeing you sleep under the baby’s crib to protect him. You’re small, but I’m sure you would give your life for him if necessary. That fills me with pride and happiness. I am positive that I could never have found a more perfect life partner than you.

You make my life more beautiful


And even though I now share your love with other people, I’m not jealous at all, because I know that you love me in a special way, and that when you need something or someone, I am always your first choice.

What else can I possibly ask for? After all, you gave me a life full of love, a home without loneliness, and days full of happiness.

They say that being dependent on someone makes you be grateful. They say pets are dependent, but you know what? I am the one who should thank you.

For making my life more beautiful. For making my partner fall in love with you with your silly games and sweet personality. For protecting my son with your life, for making me laugh when I need it. For coming up to me when I need support.

There’s nothing I can say but thank you. Thank you for filling my life with happiness. Thank you for existing. Thank you for choosing me to join you on this journey called life.

Thank you for your love, your protection and your loyalty. Most of all, thank you for making me happy. With all my heart, I hope you feel that I’ve helped you be happy too.

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