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Good Names for Long Haired Dogs

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In this list, we have a bunch of great names for long haired dogs, based on TV characters, rivers, foods, and movie mentors.
Good Names for Long Haired Dogs
Last update: 27 September, 2018

Naming a dog isn’t always easy. Most good names have become too common, so it can be hard to find one that feels original. Therefore, in today’s article, you can go over a list with some of the best names for long-haired dogs.

Names for long haired dogs

Long-haired dogs have a unique look because some have mustaches or seem like they’re frowning all the time. However, their kindness and energy say the complete opposite. Then there are others that seem majestic but are completely clumsy and constantly run into things with their tail.

The best example are long-haired terriers. They look like adorable little-stuffed animals, but they’re nothing like that in reality. Yorkshires and westies will make sure you know they’re brave and strong-willed,  and not little-stuffed animals.

With all these things in mind, we’ve made up a list of some good names for long haired dogs. They’re not the kinds of things you’ll hear every day, which means your little friend will have the most special name in the dog park.

TV character names

TV shows have been in a golden age for about the past decade. When they are on the air for a long time, that means they also have a ton of great characters. Some names you can use for a male, long-haired dog are: Sheldon or Raj from The Big Bang Theory, or Dwight, Jim or Kevin from The Office. They’re two of the most successful comedies in recent years.

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For females, there’s Pam or Erin, both from The Office, or Pennyfrom The Big Bang Theory. You could also use names like Sansa, Shae, Osha, or Arya, all characters from Game of Thrones.

River names

Geographical features usually can be pretty, original names for long haired dogs. In Africa, you have the Nile, and in Asia, there are the Indo and the Obi rivers. Murray is one of the main rivers in Oceania. In Spain, the Duero is one of the biggest, and there’s also the Silto the north.

As for females, the Seine is a well-known river in Paris. The Volga is the longest in all of Europe, making its way across Russia. The Amur is another major river in Asia, and it flows along the border between Russia and China.

Mentor names

It can be challenging to find good names for long-haired dogs when they have natural mustaches or frowns. Because they have a wise, peaceful look, but dog names are usually more fun and less serious. Luckily, there are plenty of books and movies with a wise mentor who helps the main character on his/her journey.  

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Gandalf is Frodo’s counselor in The Lord of the RingsAlbus Dumbledore protects Harry Potter throughout his life. Yoda is a mentor to a lot of different characters in Star Wars. Then there’s Morpheus, from the Matrix, and Mr. Miyagi, from the classic movie Karate Kid.

Unfortunately, these characters are almost always men, so we haven’t been able to find a female name so far.

Food names

Maybe you’re looking for something that’s not so serious. You just want a name that’s fun, original, and lines up with your dog’s energetic, playful personality. If that’s the case, food can be one of the best options.

For females, fruits like Strawberry, Pineapple, and Peach are all great names. You can also use condiment names like Pepper or Rosemary. When it comes to males, vegetable names like Cauliflower, Broccoli, and Zucchini could also make great, fun options. Coconut, Corn, and Pasta are good options too.

Long haired dogs can have names that line up with their serious, wise appearance, or the complete opposite: with their spontaneous, fun personality. Before you pick a common name for your dog, think about something more original so your dog could have the most unique name in the entire dog park.

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