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How to Maintain a Clean House with Pets

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Having a clean house with pets is not as easy as it seems. Beyond removing hairs, which can be avoided, you will need to adopt homemade solutions and hygiene habits to prevent stains or bad odors that animals could give off
How to Maintain a Clean House with Pets
Last update: 10 April, 2018

When there is one or more pets at home, their characteristic smell could become more unpleasant if you don’t maintain proper hygiene. Many complain that despite cleaning the house often, it never seems to be clean and the smell doesn’t go away. Today we are going to give you some tricks to keep the house clean while having pets.

Tips for keeping the house clean having pets

Their place

In order to keep the house clean with pets, it is essential that our pet has a place where he can sleep. Clean it often. His bed will have to be made of easily washable material with a removable cover.

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If the type of floor where his bed is permits, use a bit of bleach or another disinfecting and odor eliminating product every time that you mop it. Never leave his food and water bowls in areas that give off smells, such as the kitchen. Try to wash them daily.

Wash your pet

There are those who claim that you should wash a pet once a month. However, many veterinarians and experts assure that there is no problem in doing it once every fifteen days

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That way you will eliminate the smell from his hair; if you use a perfume, it will fill the house with that scent as your pet walks around. Furthermore, a bath also eliminates dead hair, so there will be less hair on the floor and furniture.

Choose your decor well

If you have a pet at home, or more than one, it is important that the decor essentials that you have are easy to clean. If there are rugs or other objects that make cleaning difficult, it could take longer each time to clean them, and the smells could get worse.

Having a pet can limit us a little in this regard. But, if you choose rugs that can be washed and vacuumed easily, there won’t be any problem in keeping them clean everyday. 

Brush your dog daily

Even when it seems that your dog is not shedding, it doesn’t matter: brush him daily. This will not only make his hair shine and be healthy, but it will also get rid of any dead remaining hair that he could have. This way you will prevent having annoying animal hair around the house, on the couch, chairs, or carpet.

Wash his bed

Keeping the basics perfectly clean from the pet is vital for keeping the house clean. We recommended that if you decide to wash the animal every fifteen days, do the same with his bed.

Even though there are some animal beds that do not have removable covers, they can still be put completely in the washer or be sent to a cleaner.

Put on covers

If you want to keep your chairs in good condition and make cleaning them easier, the best thing to do is put covers or quilts on them. When they get stained, you will only have to take off the cover or quilt and put it in the washer.

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That is much better than having to clean the entire couch with a product. When washing the covers, add an odor eliminator.

Keep the house ventilated

Ventilation is very important so that the smells go away and the house has fresh, clean air. Do it during the morning and as much as you can. You should especially ventilate the place where your pet sleeps. 

Having pets at home does not have to mean having a dirty house, far from it. If you take these tips into account, your house will be as clean as before your new guests arrived.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.