How to Make a DIY Water Bowl for Your Dog

DIY crafts are some of the best ways to show a dog that you care
How to Make a DIY Water Bowl for Your Dog

Last update: 12 March, 2018

In this article we’ll tell you how to make a DYI water bowl for your dog that will help you avoid the water marks on the floor and at the same time contribute to the environment. Are you curious how? Then keep reading.

Does your dog spill water while drinking?

It’s very common for our dog to get thirsty and drink impulsively, especially in the summer when the risk of heat stroke is lurking. One of the most common solutions is putting a towel or rag around the drinking bowl, but this is not very hygienic. What would you say if there were a hygienic and ecological solution to this problem? Signus and Handfie have proposed a solution.

What do you need to make a water bowl for your dog?

  • A tire
  • A traditional water bowl
  • A wooden base
  • A saw
  • A drill
  • Screws
  • Spray or acrylic paint for all surfaces

Have you reviewed the list? Do you have everything? Then you’re ready to go to the next section and build, step by step, the most practical, clean and ecological water bowl that your pet will ever have.

How to make a water bowl from your dog?

Step 1. To create a DYI water bowl for you dog, you need to make a wooden base that, screwed into the tire, serves to hold the metal bowl in which the water is poured. Then, trace two concentric circles: the exterior must have a width greater than the interior of the tire, and the interior must coincide with the edge of the water bowl.

Step 2. Take the drill and make 4 equidistant holes that allow you to join the wooden base to the tire and thus fix it so that it doesn’t move. The holes have to be made both in the wood and in the tire.

Step 3. Clean and paint the tire. With a brush, clean the tire well and apply the paint you have chosen for the piece of wood and the wheel. If you apply a layer of primer for plastics, the paint will be more homogenous.

Step 4. Fix the pieces. Once the paint has dried completely, it’s time to join the pieces. To do so, you must screw the wood and the tire using some metric screws through the holes you have made in ‘Step 2.’ Once you’ve assembled the base and the tire, you’ll only need to place the metal water bowl in the center.

With this water bowl you’re not only avoiding your dog from leaving marks on the floor, but you’re reusing a tire which is difficult and costly to recycle. The environment thanks you and your wallet does, too.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.