How to Clean the Brown Tear Stains Under Your Dog's Eyes

How to Clean the Brown Tear Stains Under Your Dog's Eyes

Last update: 09 July, 2018

These brown stains are caused by excess tears and the oxidation of the minerals contained in them. They can be easily removed with home remedies.
If you own or have ever owned a pet, you have probably seen brown stains under his tear ducts. You may wonder why he has these? There are various reasons why they might appear.
The most obvious reason is that your dog’s tears accumulate in that area, but the tears have different causes. Today we will tell you about these brown stains and what they mean for your dog’s health.

Brown stains under your dog’s eyes

 Excessive tear production, known as epiphora, leaves brown or wine-colored residue on the fur. This cosmetic problem occurs in almost all breeds, but it is easy to see on white or light-haired breeds.

It is caused by the oxidation of minerals in the tears on the animal’s fur. In addition to oxidation, certain bacteria and fungi are trapped in the affected area and discolor it. Breed, age and food play a fundamental role in the appearance of these tear stains.

The good news is that the brown stains below your dog’s eyes do not pose a health risk–but the cause of the stains could become a problem.
Epiphora is a symptom of a pet’s obstructed tear duct. This is something that commonly occurs in small breeds and breeds with short or flat noses. In some cases, excess tears are caused by an eye irritant, such as residue or allergies.
In any case, it is easy to eliminate brown tear stains from your dog’s eyes. They may be difficult to treat in a few cases, but you can also disguise them with relative ease.

Treatment for brown stains

Before applying any sort of treatment, take your pet to the vet to check for any illnesses. If there is an obstruction, the veterinarian should do a procedure called flushing to unclog the duct.

Whether there is an infection or not, the vet may recommend an antibiotic treatment, depending on the case. Once it has been verified that the situation is not complex, there is nothing left but to clean these stains at home.

Although it is true that there are products in pet stores to help clean brown tear stains, to save you money we will recommend a few home remedies.
 One of the first things you can do is remove anything that obstructs the animal’s sight.  Long hair and gunk cause the animal to tear up excessively, causing brown stains to form under its eyes.
Using a towel or cotton ball and a little warm water, clean the affected area carefully. Do not frighten or bother the animal. The process takes about 10 minutes and, at the end, you can apply a few anti-allergy drops to the canine’s eyes.
Keep in mind that dogs tend to scratch moist spots to remove excess moisture, so you might need to use an Elizabethan collar. Never use chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, as they can cause serious damage.

Other solutions

Many common household products can help fight under-eye stains. Some can even be used to prevent them as well.

  • Filtered water: this contains no entities or minerals that might cause stains to appear. It is healthier for pets in general.
  • Apple cider vinegar: give him some to drink during every meal. In very small amounts at first so he can get used to the flavor. Vinegar will change his body’s pH and prevent bacteria from forming.
  • Change his diet: some dog chow brands mix vegetable and animal protein. This can cause an allergic reaction in carnivorous animals such as dogs. Consider changing your pet’s diet to a more appropriate one.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.