How to earn a cat’s trust

How to earn a cat’s trust

Last update: 14 August, 2018

Cats are usually learn slower than dogs, and they also react more slowly to rewards. So, be patience when it comes to earning your cat’s trust.

Cats act indifferently when people call them, try to pet them and demonstrating affection. It doesn’t matter how much you love them or the softness you have in your voice when you call them : sometimes cats don’t even look at you and others stare at you without making any movement. 

In addition to being independent, cats act this way because they don’t trust you. Would you like to know how to earn a cat’s trust?

Before reading about the steps to follow to earn a cat’s trust, you should know that you will need a lot of patience, dedication and love.

The steps to earn a cat’s trust

Understand their personality

Cats usually learn slower than dogs, and they also react slower to receiving rewards. Therefore, be very patient and most of all, understand what your cat is like.

Never force your cat to do anything, because these animal’s are naturally selfish. So, if he does not understand that he will receive something beneficial on the spot, he won’t do what you want. Even so, he may not always react as you would expect. If you are calm, quiet and not so insistent, it’s possible that the animal will respond more favorably.

Provide your cat a safe place

The animal must feel that he is important in your life, that you have provided him everything he needs to be healthy, and that he has a safe place to stay at. If he feels safe in your home, he will feel safe by your side. How do you achieve this?

A cat sleeping

Provide your cat a room or space that he knows only belongs to him. Put his litter-box in a private place, where he can hide and go to the bathroom in without feeling noticed. Don’t every force him to come out if he is in his hiding pace and you cannot see him.

Having shelves and high places to climb is a good idea. This must be part of his space and home. A scratching post with tall towers to climb on whenever he wants will help him feel at home.

Give him water and food

It may seem silly to remind you about this, but food and water are basic needs that you should always take care of. If you don’t provide your cat with any food and water, he eventually might start holding a grudge against you.

The first few times you give your cat food at home, say his name softly while petting him right before he starts eating. Thus, he can associate the food with your sweet voice. Everything that is agreeable!

Calm him when he feels stressed

Cats are neurotic , curious and distrustful by nature. Therefore, an important factor to earn a cat’s trust is knowing how to calm him down when his stress reaches unexpected limits.

A woman and her cat

Although gentle words and pampering help, you can help with synthetic pheromones that will help him manage stress. If your cat tends to be nervous, then take him around the house with the help of scents that are similar to those used for air fresheners. Especially put them in places where your cat spends most of his time.

Avoid making eye contact

Although you love to look at each other in the eye, cats interpret it as a defiant behavior. The best thing for you to do is look the other way at first in order to prevent you cat from feeling nervous.

If you have glasses, take them off when you are with him because your eyes will look too big. It’s possible that he would not only get scared, but that gaze would alienate him from you.

These are some tips that you can put into practice in order to earn your cat’s trust. And you will see that, little by little, your kitten will seek out your love and your pampering.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.