How to Make a Raincoat for Your Dog

How to Make a Raincoat for Your Dog

Last update: 22 May, 2018

Autumn and rain are often synonymous, especially in some regions. But the truth is that this atmospheric phenomenon can surprise us at any time of the year. And often, it happens just when we’re about to take the dog out for a walk.  So today we are going to tell you how to make a raincoat for your dog. 

Far from fashion, but protected from the rain and cold

dog in coat

First, let’s be clear that at My Animals we don’t encourage humanizing your dog by dressing him up fashionably. But it is important to protect him from the cold and rain. So, we recommend that you have a raincoat among other accessories for your pet.

You can get different styles and designs in pet stores. But if you don’t want or aren’t able to spend money on one, you can  easily  make a coat . You can use things that you have at home and make one very quickly. 

Remember that your dog cares very little if his raincoat is cute or not. Nor does he care if you made it yourself or if some up-and-coming pet fashion designer made it.

So, you can buy something else that benefits your four-legged friend and isn’t as easy for you to make yourself with the money that you save. For example, high-quality dog food. Or a dog shampoo that’s good for his skin and hair type for his next bath.

We’re going to share some options with you for making a doggy raincoat. So you can happily walk him in the rain. 

A quick solution so that your dog doesn’t get wet

Let’s say that you’re about to go out to walk the dog and it starts raining or it looks like a storm could erupt at any moment. Since your dog’s bathroom needs won’t go away because of bad weather and you completely forgot your pet’s raincoat, we have a quick solution.

  • Look for the most resistant trash bag that you have. Try to find one that is a good size for your dog (or make it smaller if he’s very tiny).
  • Cut the narrow part of the bag that needs to be opened. 
  • Calculate the places where the four paws would go and make small holes in those plastic areas. Don’t forget to reserve a space for what will be the hood.
  • Also make a hole that his tail can fit through. 
  • So that your dog’s raincoat is more durable, you can use a fabric belt to hold it in place.

That’s all. Your barking friend and you are ready to go out for a walk in the rain.

A more elaborate option to make your dog’s raincoat

If you have more time and decide to design a more elaborate raincoat for your dog, keep these ideas in mind:

  • Look for a raincoat that you or a family member no longer use.
  • Take the following measurements of your dog: the outline of his neck and head, width of his body, and length from the neck to the tail.
  • Cut out a rectangle according to the length and width that you measured, and some strips around his neck and behind his front legs.
  • Connect the strips with buttons or a rectangular piece of velcro.

In addition, you can cut a piece of fabric in the shape of a half-moon to make a hood and connect it to your dog’s raincoat by also using buttons or velcro. 

Add some coat fabric to the raincoat for very cold days

two dogs in coats

If it’s cold, keep in mind that it’s important that your pet is bundled up when he goes outside. So, for cold weather, it’s ideal to have an accessory that both protects your friend from the rain and keeps him warm. 

Find an old sweater, cut it according to the measurements, and place it against the interior part of the raincoat for your dog. Problem solved.

Now the only thing left to do is go outside with your four-legged friend without having to worry about getting wet or being cold. Enjoy the walk!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.