I Want You in My Arms Already!

I Want You in My Arms Already!

Last update: 08 June, 2018

Children are pet lovers, or at least most of them. Who has never wanted a pet during childhood? Many parents don’t want a pet, which makes children want one even more. How would you have felt if your parents had said yes? Here you will meet a young boy who wrote a beautiful letter to his future pet. It says: “I want you in my arms already!”

Today you can read the sweet letter from a boy to his dog. It has several mixed emotions: his desire to have a pet and his innocent impatience.

I finally got you! I want you here now

I’ve been telling mom and dad for a long time that I want a pet. They told me “no” many times, and I was always sad. My friends have dogs at home, and even though I play with them when I go to their house, I always felt empty inside when I went back home…

Boy hugging and kissing his dog

Every day I asked my parents for a pet to play with and love, but they always said “no”.  I got jealous every time every time I saw my friends with their pets. But today, finally, mom gave me some good news. They had adopted a puppy! You.

Mom explained to me that you are very small and you have to be at your home with your mom and siblings for a few weeks. A few weeks! I don’t know if I can handle that… Mom showed me a picture of you, and you are so adorable!

I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait a few weeks in order to cuddle with you, hug and kiss you. I want you to be my friend, brother, and companion. I’m constantly thinking about how our first encounter will be, how it will be like hugging you and going on walks with you.

I’m driving my mom crazy, asking her questions like if she’ll let me sleep with you, or if I’ll be able to take you out for a walk by myself. For the time being, she’s saying “no” to everything, but don’t worry, I’ll convince her.

I don’t think mom could have ever chosen a more beautiful dog than you. You are perfect for me, you’re the pet I dreamed about. I can totally tell by just looking at your picture. I can’t wait to meet you and get to know your personality, how you get angry and how you will look at me when I’m with you.

There’s still weeks left! All of my friends already know that you’ll be here soon. Even though some don’t believe it, they say they have to see you in person. I don’t want anyone to come see you, I want you to only love me and nobody else.

Finally, I will have you, and I won’t have to go back home empty handed after being with other dogs. I won’t leave the house anymore! I will always be with you, by your side.

Sometimes I see abandoned dogs on the streets, they are always sad. I understand them, I would get very sad if my family abandons me too. But I want you to know that you will never be sad because I will never abandon you. You will always be with me, because even if I may not know you yet. I promised my parents that I will love you and take care of you forever.

A boy with his pit-bull

And even though I’m just a kid, I always keep my promises. I don’t know how long it will take you to read this letter. I just want to tell you that I am here waiting for you. Go ahead and tell your mom and siblings that you have to come home with me. I need you a lot, too. 

Your home is here. We will be your family now, and we will protect and take care of you forever. So don’t be afraid or feel uncomfortable. This is your home.

Ah! I’ve already asked mom to go buy a bed and toys for you, so everything will be ready for your arrival in the upcoming weeks! I can’t take it any longer… I feel like crying for having to wait so long, and I feel like shouting for joy because we will be together soon. Well, I hope that you won’t regret it and won’t feel scared to come over, I hope not. I am waiting for you very eagerly. I love you so much, and I want you here already.

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