Illegal Dog Collars

These types of collars can cause physical and psychological damage. Consequently, there are countries that have updated their laws to prevent this type of animal abuse.
Illegal Dog Collars

Last update: 28 September, 2018

Not all methods for restraining your dog are good. In fact, there are certain types of dog collars that ban them by law in several European countries. In order to find out more, read this article to learn about illegal dog collars and why they are so harmful.

Illegal dog collars

Everyone wants the best for their dogs. However, it’s easy to get carried away by bad advice, prejudice towards certain breeds, or outdated customs. Without realizing it, you could end up using illegal dog collars.

The manufacturers of these illegal dog collars say they’re harmless and very effective in solving behavioral problems. However, veterinarians don’t agree. Numerous studies over the years have shown that using these types of collars on dogs can cause more health and behavioral problems than other dogs.

Among illegal dog collars, a few stand out. Namely, shock, prong, and choke collars. All of these types of collars are placed around the animal. They are designed to harm the animal as soon as an undesired behavior takes place. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Shock collars: These illegal dog collars have an electrical device that shocks the dog. By using a remote control, the holder can shock the dog or the collar does it by itself as soon as it detects vibrations that come from the dog barking.

The electric current pass throught the nerves of the spinal cords and throughout the entire body of the dog. The shocking causes instant cramping throughout the body. In addition to this pain, it can burn the dog’s neck, an increase of stress hormones, and numerous bad associations in the dog.

Shock collars
  • Prong collars: These metal collars have several barbs that stick into the dog’s neck when the dog pulls on the leash. The prongs squeeze the trachea and the front area of the dog’s neck. They constantly prick hormone-secreting glands, such as the thyroid. This can cause serious problems.

At the psychological level, these illegal dog collars cause many negative associations. The dog may start to react negatively to the street, the leash, or even meeting other dogs… Studies show that using this type of collar eventually causes worse behavior.

  • Choke collars: These collars are just a strap with a ring on the end. When placed correctly on the dog, they tighten when the dog pulls. In addition to all the problems described earlier, they can cause the trachea to collapse or suffocate the animals. The more you pull on the leash, the more the collar tightens.

Countries and places where these dog collars are illegal

For all of those reasons, these collars are illegal in several countries. However, the countries that have not yet regulated their use are modifying laws to stop this form of animal cruelty.

Dog with prong collar

These laws have been being enforced in northern Europe countries, such as Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, for several years. The laws are clear: everyone shall not be allowed to use collars that harm dogs. Plus, if a dog trainer even attends a seminar where they see illegal dog collars used, they can lose their license.

The UK has also banned shock collars. Dog lovers are fighting to extend this ban to prong and choke collars as well. At the moment, different regions are working towards more restrictive legislation on illegal dog collars.

Plus, serval parts of Australia have banned shock collars. Although there is no law affecting the entire country, most large cities have banned them.

Currently, in Spain, the legislation is undergoing changes in several regions. In Catalonia, all of the collars mentioned above have been illegal for several years. More recently, Madrid has banned these collars. Valencia is trying to pass a bill of a new animal protection law. It is predicted that these collars will become illegal by 2018.

Alternatives to illegal dog collars

Associations of canine professionals, groups of veterinarians and dog educators all agree: you should never use these illegal dog collars on your dog. However, there are other tools that can prevent your dog from pulling on the leash and help correct his bad behavior.

The most effective method for educating dogs is based on positive reinforcement. In order to teach your pet to walk without pulling on the leash, then using a harness can definitely be effective. If you can’t solve the problem on your own, go to a positive dog trainer who understands your pet and can help him with his behavior problems.

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