Indoor And Outdoor Pets

Some animals feel more comfortable outside, while others enjoy spending time with their owners. There is a specific kind of "house" for each type of animal depending on whether it's an indoor or outdoor pet.
Indoor And Outdoor Pets
Francisco María García

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Is there a classification between indoor and outdoor pets? Also, is it better for pets to sleep indoors or outside?

These are some of the questions pet owners face. Below, you can look at some general guidelines to determine if pets are happier sleeping indoors or outdoors.

Indoor and Outdoor Pets: general considerations

Indoor and outdoor pets often have different needs. This means that some pets are the happiest feeling free, while others need interaction with a family in order to be happy. Therefore, the latter prefer to spend most of their time indoors.

Often, owners build or buy houses for their pets outside. However, there are animals, like dogs, that feel sad if they are forced to sleep outside. Dogs are highly social animals so they need to spend time with others and interact.

An outdoor dog house can help the dog feel like they have their own space, but it’s not good for the animal to sleep there every night. In addition to feeling alone, they will also be much more prone to contracting diseases as a result of climate change.

In regard to cats, it’s recommended to organize an area for them inside the house. Although these pets are much more independent and value having their own space, they are also much likelier to escape. Plus, keeping them inside a controlled area is the best option.

Houses for Inside the House

Today, there are many options for indoor and outdoor pets to have their own space. This is true even in apartments or small houses.

Great Dane lying on the floor

You should adapt the design and size of your pet’s house, including the characteristics of the space. That way you can create the most amount of space for your pet and a peaceful environment in the home.

Coffee table/pet house

Some interesting options for the interior of the home are small tables designed for several functions. Fabbricabois is a company that created an innovative coffee table that also serves as a small or medium-sized dog house.

This useful table/doghouse has a normal table on top, but with a cozy spot for pets underneath due to its origami design. Likewise, it some compartments to store magazines.

Compact Pet Houses

In addition, the Korean company Bad Marlon also offers its customers innovative and compact designs that are ideal for inside homes. These small houses are characterized by clean and refined geometric lines. They are perfect for contemporary and minimalist decor.

Natural Pet Houses

On the other hand, if you’re looking to give your pet its own space that brings the outside in, then take a look at Sou Fujimoto’s work.

Sou Fujimoto’s idea is to create a natural habitat for the animal. He uses open shelving to create the shape of a house. These shelves leave space for flowers and plants that give a freshness to the animal’s space and the home in general.

Puppy lying down on the floor

Innovative and Comfortable Houses

Another innovative and excellent option is  Rah Design. These houses are built with concrete, steel, and wood that’s imported from Brazil. Comfort is the focus of these homes. They are customized with beds and accessories and they’re easy to transport.

At the end of the day, aspects such as size, type of animal, and space are factors when making decisions about indoor and outdoor pets. Regardless, it’s possible to give your pet both of these types of comfortable houses. 

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