The Life of a Stray Dog ​​Recorded with a GoPro

The Life of a Stray Dog ​​Recorded with a GoPro

Last update: 28 March, 2019

We like some research on animals more than others. Although it is not a good discovery about them, that of which we are going to discuss today will enable you to raise awareness of what abandonment implies and also of what animals feel when they have to live a life to which they are not accustomed. All thanks to a GoPro camera.

India is a country immersed in poverty. When we think of it, raw images of children and people dying of hunger come to mind. Well, as is often the case in many states, there are other victims that are almost never talked about: animals.

Due to the difficult situation facing India, many have abandoned their animals. If they find it difficult to get food for themselves, how can they feed their pets? Impossible! It’s sad but true.

A stray dog ​​tells a story

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Although dogs do not speak, a GoPro has been enough for this dog to tell us more than we would like to know.

For those who do not know, a GoPro is a small camera that can be attached to one’s head or another part of the body. In addition, it has the peculiarity of taking panoramic images. These cover a greater field of vision than a standard photo, which is why it was chosen for this experiment.

An Indian organization called World for All that watches over defenseless animals carried out this idea. In Bombay, it is known that there are at least 250,000 abandoned dogs: A number that is too high! The aim is to make people aware of this and encourage adoption.

Why a GoPro?

The idea was to place a GoPro in one of the abandoned dogs of the country in order to know what the life of an abandoned dog is like in the streets of India. The video will break your heart. We can not describe it another way.

In the images, although there is not a single word, it is clear how a dog tries to find a peaceful place amidst streets full of garbage and dirt. Through the search, he will encounter all kinds of obstacles in his path. And is that a street dog doesn’t amount to anything for many, unfortunately.

On his way, he finds unsalvageable garbage that falls through small slits, preventing him from eating them. Also people who throw buckets of water and drunks who gain his confidence with encouraging gestures only to then slap him. And of course, drivers full of anger who would not mind running over him.

Here we share the video, although we warn you that it can be painful to watch.

Stray dog adoption

India is not the only country that has a large number of abandoned animals. Unfortunately, this is a common evil worldwide. That is why adoption is so necessary.

Unfortunately, the case of this puppy is not unique. Many abandoned animals do not have time to complain about their bad luck of being thrown out of their home. They are already in a world full of dangers that can end their lives, or worse, not provide food to keep on living.

Dangers for a stray dog

Many die dehydrated or hungry and others are victims of mistreatment by unscrupulous people who do not think twice before doing harm to an animal.

We’ve already told you many stories about animals that have been thrown into a tar pit. Or they even end up full of glue or with diseases that have not been treated. Not only have they had to suffer the cruelty of their owners to abandon them, but also that of others who have fun doing harm.

Are you still evaluating the idea of ​​adopting? Think no more!

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