Meet Yogi, The Human Faced Dog

Meet Yogi, The Human Faced Dog

Last update: 18 May, 2018

You can find really strange things on the Internet. As for this story, not even the owner knew her companion was going to have such an impact on social media. 

When we browse through social media, we see animals that really stand out. Some for their appearance, others for things they’re able to do. This is the story of Yogi, the dog with a human face who has shocked the Internet. Would you like to meet him??

Yogi, a dog with a human face

When you see this dog, the saying “dogs look like their masters” makes more sense. His master is Chantal Desjardins. Even though they don’t look alike, Yogi’s human face is the closest you’ll ever find to a human’s.

Ever since one of his Facebook photos went viral, it’s been shared to millions worldwide. Chantal herself said: “My friends are going crazy. I didn’t even realize he ever had a human face until people online pointed it out to me.”

However, Yogi’s leap to fame did not take place on Mark Zuckerberg’s popular platform, but rather on Reddit, where people made all types of comments and reactions. Since then, Yogi is one of the most googled pets on the Internet.

Yogi and his friend

There will always be skeptics who say the photos have been edited. Meanwhile, those who have a sense of humor and admiration created memes or even make comparisons with famous actors like Nicolas Cage or Ed Sheeran. 

Either way, the truth is that Yogi, the human faced dog, is a hit on social media. Some find it funny, others don’t believe it, and others even say that they’re afraid of his face. What do you think about Yogi’s face?

Other famous dogs on social media

Internet-famous pets are very trendy right now. There are many dogs who became famous online due to their appearance or abilities. Let us remind by showing the following  examples:

Dog on the internet

  • Boo. A small Pomeranian who was considered to be the most beautiful dog in the world. He’s small and furry with an adorable face. You can’t deny that he deserved this title.  He became famous because of his haircut, which makes him look like a little fur ball. His owners made a Facebook page for him pet, and to date he has millions of followers. In fact, there are even products  inspired by him.
  • Ronaldog. This dog became popular due to his unusual ability to play soccer and do tricks with the ball. It’s truly incredible he can do what he does. Do you know who he is?
  • Bizkit. This dog became famous due to his nightmares while sleeping.  He would do series of funny movements. However, critics said it’s insulting to laugh at a suffering animal. Well, to each his own.
  • Zappa, a deceased dog who had more than 42,000 Instagram followers. He became a hit because of his constant bulging eyes and tongue, which were caused by a health problem. Although, he was always happy  which made Internet users love him.
  • Bodhi. A Shiba Inu dog who got 221,000 Instagram followers due to the human clothing his masters dressed him up in.  They took very creative photos, and the animal even posed like a human.

Yogi, the human faced dog w, Boo, Zappa, and many more are going viral on social media. Look them up and see their charm for yourself.


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