Mark Your Calendar for National Mutt Day

Mark Your Calendar for National Mutt Day
Francisco María García

Written and verified by the lawyer Francisco María García.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

In Spain, National Mutt Day  celebrations take place every year on May 28.  These animals have the same charm as purebred canines. So, it’s important that we assure ourselves of this before spending large amounts of money on a dog. There are many mutts that are in need of a home. And, this is largely the result of their breed. However, this point shouldn’t be the most important. What’s fundamental is their relationship with us, not their appearance.

Dog marches on National Mutt Day celebrate it serve to raise awareness to about the importance of valuing love and devotion to all dogs.

The Term “Creole”

When we use the term Creole in a negative light, we are referring to words such as homeless, sick, mangy, or street animal, all in a derogatory way. But this isn’t the reality. The term Creole, when used to refer to animals, means a dog of an unidentifiable or mixed breed. This could be a so-called “crossed” dog, unlike a purebred dog or pedigree.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Mutt

However, mixed breed dogs have their advantages. For example, they  are less likely to get a congenital diseases. On the other hand, they are equally as susceptible to serious illnesses. So, they still require the same quality of care of a purebred dog. And, that’s exactly one of the main messages of National Mutt Day.

One obvious disadvantage is that we cannot predict the appearance, behavior, or temperament in adulthood as we an in purebred dogs.

When choosing a purebred dog we will need to take into account that appearance it is not enough. We have to analyze all of the requirements and care that the breed needs and know if we can cover them.

For instance, consider grooming. Purebred dogs require a lot of dedication and care. In fact, some small breeds need professional fixing in addition to regular grooming.

But, when it comes to purebreds, there are a lot of hereditary defects that some breeds are more susceptible to. We have to make ourselves aware of the problems that could happen before going to see a litter of puppies. Sure, looking at them could cause affection. But, it’s necessary to be responsible. And, National Mutt Day aims to raise this awareness.

Mixed breeds or mutts don’t have evident disadvantages in regards to breed, but they do have many advantages. They are very friendly and loving animals, as well as loyal, grateful, and with an enormous capacity for affection and demonstration of affection. 

Each Mutt is Unique

These mutts are very intelligent and easily trained. So, they’re totally worth celebrating on National Mutt Day. They don’t suffer degenerative diseases because of consanguinity. And, thanks to the “mixtures” that they come from, they have funny peculiarities. These traits make each one of them unique. Additionally, they have great physical endurance. And, they enjoy a long life. In fact, some mutts have lived up to 20 years.

Also, they are calmer and more balanced than their purebred relatives. In fact, mixes made by unprofessional breeders can cause behavioral changes  in some breed specimens. However, natural selection of mixes avoids almost all of these said changes. 

Many dogs roam our streets. Some escape the pound where they will be euthanized. So, they can develop a survival instinct that will continue to future generations. And, this is something that doesn’t usually occur in purebreds.

A mutt might move from one family member to the next as it tries to avoid abandonment. Because of this, the animals may want to have a second chance of living with another family. If they get it, they will be extremely grateful.

What is a breed?

One interesting theory to consider is that purebred dogs in reality have been crossbreeds prolonged over time. For example, a breed as admired as the Saint Bernard, if we analyze its genealogy, we see that it is mixed with the German Bulldog and the Great Pyrenees. Bulldogs come from the mixture of mastiffs and Irish Hounds. On the other hand, the Great Pyrenees descends from the Maremma Sheepdog and from the Hungarian Kuvasz. And, this one comes from other breeds.

We shouldn’t demonize the mutt or crossbreed because they are not purebred. In fact, we should celebrate them on National Mutt Day.

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