New Hospital Gives Hope to Forgotten Animals

One of the greatest fears of those of us with a pet is that she will get sick and we won't be able to pay up the enormous costs of the treatment and operations.
New Hospital Gives Hope to Forgotten Animals

Last update: 30 March, 2018

Sometimes the economy doesn’t allow us to meet the vet expenses for our pets. Therefore, this new hospital is the beacon of light for many people and their pets.

The government of Mexico knows that there are many people in the country in this situation and therefore a brilliant idea occurred to them to help thousands of people and their pets. We’ll tell you everything in this article.

Mexico creates a hospital for rejected animals

The Veterinary Hospital in Mexico is one of the first to open in the city and it provides public service to pets as there are owners who can’t cover the medical costs that are involved.

In what ways does this hospital help? Very simple, it offers free consults and also discounts of 40% in treatment.

It was opened more or less a month ago in a very impoverished region of the country: Iztapalapa, where there is a lot of violence, an expansive shortage water and it’s estimated that almost 40% of its inhabitants are living in poverty.

Obviously this entire situation affects pets and as you might imagine, hundreds of animals are living on the streets due to people being unable to take care of them. In the entirety of Mexico City it’s speculated that approximately 10% of animals are living also on the street while in this region alone it’s something like 30%.

It’s not the hospital’s objective to accommodate these animals, but rather to offer minimum costs for attending to them in order to begin stopping abandonment. That’s why Silvia Viruga commented the following:

“Animals have arrived here that we don’t even know how they’re still alive, perhaps by a miracle or because they’ve never been off the streets. Animals that have never gone to the vet, have never received a vaccine or any type of medical attention or hygienic care.”

What is this hospital for the most disadvantaged like?

This hospital is  equipped with a broad range of the latest, state-of-the-art technology. There’s nothing else like it in the area. It consists of:

  • Emergency area
  • Consults
  • Operating room
  • Hospital area
  • Rehabilitation
  • Chemotherapy
  • X-ray and endoscopy

The vast number of high-quality services are enviable. Many say that they offer better service that the country’s health system.

What kinds of results has this hospital seen?

 Each day, they reach their maximum quota.

Everyday ,enormous lines form of people bringing their animals to the center.

Basically, the hospital must see 150 animals everyday. They have to hospitalize some that require prolonged treatment.

Cases of those who have been seen at the hospital

Many dogs and other animals live, thanks to this hospital. One of these cases is that of Manchas, who suffered from paralysis. Thanks to this hospital he’s been able to receive sessions of hydrotherapy and rehabilitation. These have helped him to live a life that’s a little more normal.

Also , a cat that was having trouble breathing and could hardly sleep. Vets connected him to a drip in an intensive care room.

In a private clinic this treatment would have cost thousands of pesos that his owners couldn’t afford. Nevertheless, in this hospital that takes care of the most disadvantaged animals, he’s cared for with the latest technology, the best professionals and at the lowest cost.

What a good initiative that we hope many governments around the world will wish to institute in their countries.

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