Meet Ney: The Famous Dog of Plaza de Lugo

The true story of a beloved golden retriever lives on in Plaza de Lugo
Meet Ney: The Famous Dog of Plaza de Lugo

Last update: 30 January, 2018

If you have ever visited Plaza de Lugo in A Coruña, you may have met Ney. He is a dog so well-loved that they even erected a statue of him. The animal died two years ago. But, he remains alive today in the memory of his owner and in that of all the neighbors and passers-by who loved him.

Learn about the story of Ney, the dog of Plaza de Lugo

Ney was a beautiful Golden Retriever who stole the hearts of the people of A Coruña. He had a kind character and a good disposition with children and adults. Also, he belonged to Marisol, the owner of a flower shop that had recently closed.

The business was located in the Plaza de Lugo. But, it has recently closed. The dog was always there, accompanying his owner and delighting customers and passers-by.

So great was the love that was felt toward the animal, that the inhabitants of A Coruña decided to erect a statue during his lifetime. A commission was formed and they began to raise funds.

But despite the good will, the money did not manage to come together, and, three months after celebrating his 13th birthday, Ney passed away before the statue was able to be erected.

Learn about the story of Ney, a dog that knew how to steal the hearts of the inhabitants of A Coruña.

Ney, a dog immortalized in bronze


Shortly after the dog died, a married couple — who asked to remain anonymous — donated the 12,000 euros that the sculpture costed to erect. The work was created by the artist Miguel Couto and now it immortalizes the animal in Plaza de Lugo.

This way everyone could always have Ney, a truly beloved dog, present…even if the bronze statue is losing its color on the top of the head because nobody can stop petting it, in the same way that they did with the kind and precious Golden Retriever.

The money previously collected by the commission was donated to a non-profit organization that works in defense of animals.

Remembering Ney

After Ney’s death, Marisol thought she would not have any more dogs. However, Coco, a mixed-breed dog that had been abandoned by its owners, soon came to her life.

The woman’s new dog soon gained the affection of the neighbors. And, the neighbors will surely miss him. After all, the business closed its doors definitively.

But the memory of good times remains, like when Ney comforted a neighbor who had Alzheimer’s, for example. The family brought him in his wheelchair every day, and the man smiled when he petted the dog.

Or the ceremony of taking pictures with children and adults, which is now replicated with his statue. Not to mention, he used to steal sandwiches from children. Yet, in recent years, the dog should have had a more strict diet. For that reason, sometimes he had a little sign hung around his neck asking people not to feed him.

The legacy of a dog

Between the anecdotes and good memories, Ney is still alive in the hearts of all those who knew him and enjoyed his friendship. Now they tell their story to anyone who wants to hear it while they take a picture next to the sculpture.

And so Ney’s fame extended beyond the limits of the square and the city. His image could be seen on the international channel Televisión Española, and the donations for the statue came from the most recondite places.

But what’s more, his Facebook page (Ney, the dog of Plaza de Lugo), has become a meeting point. It is a resource for those who love and care for animals.

Here we leave you some images of Ney, a calm, friendly and playful dog that knew how to win the hearts of all those who had the privilege of knowing him.

Source of photos: The Voice of Galicia

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