Shelter for Handicapped Dogs Opens in Peru

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Shelter for Handicapped Dogs Opens in Peru

Last update: 17 February, 2018

This is one of those love stories about animals unknown until now. We share it with you and hope it is made known to others. Today, we are talking about a shelter for handicapped dogs.

This shelter has adopted the name Milagros Perrunos. It is basically dedicated to helping improve the lives of those animals that were on the edge of losing theirs due to abuse or an accident.

How do they do that? Let’s see more about this beautiful initiative.

Milagros Perrunos, a shelter for very special handicapped dogs


What they intend to do with these animals, or rather, what they do with them is rescue them. They give them the medical and emotional attention they need, and they find them a home where they are truly loved and can have a decent life as they deserve.

However, with handicapped dogs, which are unfortunately more difficult to adopt, Milagros Perrunos is willing to stay with them. That is how they manage to give them the life they deserve together with others who suffer from the same issues.

Dogs that have a disability have little chance of surviving on their own. Those who live in the street, are unfortunately condemned to death. They cannot have the resources they need, because they cannot move. And of course, they cannot get the food or water necessary for life.

And although it is not anyone’s dream, including a dog’s, to live in a shelter forever, the shelter’s workers give them all the love they need. There is always a generous soul willing to adopt some of them.

This shelter for handicapped dogs is located in Lima, Peru. There are already 39 “special” dogs that live there. Some suffer from paraplegia or are mutilated.

Who started it?

Although it may seem incredible, this initiative began with just one person, Sara Morán. She explained very well why she was doing it. These were her words verbatim:

“Since childhood, my passion for animals was stronger than anything else. I always had a deep and special feeling towards them. Maybe I can compare them with human babies (whom I also love). In the animals, I see eternal children, defenseless and innocent, without rights in this society. One day, my dog ​​Bear was poisoned, and I think that was the breaking point. In my family, we were forbidden to have more pets… That’s how I grew up. “

According to Sara, everything began when she met Ana María Guerrero. She was the one who opened a world of options by allowing her to collaborate in house-to-house sterilization campaigns and giving help to those who needed it the most.

shelter for disabled dogs

After they separated, Sara continued independently in 2007 until she managed to promote what we now know as Milagros Perrunos. But Sara is not alone. She has a team of animal lovers that provides the animals with everything they need, not only in a physical sense, but also emotionally.

The life of these puppies has changed a lot in this shelter for disabled dogs: they go out to the beach, they receive love and necessary care, and their deficiencies seem to have vanished because they are happy and have everything they need. Only souls with disabled hearts could disregard these animals as such.

We are glad that there are still people with a caring and sincere heart who want to help others who are more disadvantaged. And we hope that Sara Morán’s example will help those entrepreneurs who do not know where to start. Here you can see that a supportive project with noble goals always succeeds in one way or another, because a superior force drives it: love.

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