Neutering Isn't Cruelty, It's A Responsibility

Besides pregnancy prevention and fewer abandoned pets, this simple operation also can help prevent the spread of certain diseases.
Neutering Isn't Cruelty, It's A Responsibility

Last update: 23 September, 2018

Social media has such a big impact on everyone so much to the point that the most well-known people are called influencers. Nowadays, you can access the profiles of celebrities to get to know them better. Likewise, the same goes for animal advocates. For example, Dani Rovira, a well-known Spanish comedian, fills his profile with posts about abandonment and abuse that can be caused by not neutering pets. According to him, neutering isn’t cruelty. It’s a responsibility. Why?

Neutering is not cruel

For years, many people believe that neutering animals were cruel because it takes away part of their nature and personality. Experts recommended neutering cats so they become calmer and more relaxed. Neutering female dogs in heat can avoid pregnancy and prevent male dogs from following them around.

Some animal activists considered this to be animal abuse. However, as time passed, it turns out that sterilization has no effect on the personality or life of a pet, and it can help avoid many problems.

Dani Rovira published on social media a message that someone sent him, asking for help in getting his dog’s puppies adopted. It’s possible that the person who sent this message was originally flattered to see a famous person reposting his message, but this feeling didn’t last for long. 

A cat getting vaccinated

Rovira added on to the post with the following message: “How easy it is to not neuter a pet and then expect others to help you, like a famous person for example. Neutering a pet is something that everyone should do. If you haven’t neutered your pet, then you should take care of its puppies!”

Many people who follow Rovira shared the post, as well as others who share his beliefs. What are the advantages of neutering that cause so many people to promote it?


Many people oppose neutering because it costs money. However, what would happen if your dog has puppies? What do you do with them? Wouldn’t it have been less expensive to have your dog neutered?

Sterilization can be cheaper than puppies.

Neutering pets do have its advantages and not only just for the owners but for the animal as well. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Prevents pregnancies. If you don’t want to have any puppies, then you should neuter your pet. Your dog doesn’t need to constantly reproduce. Plus, female dogs go into heat about once every six months, so having to deal with many pregnancies can kill the mother due to all the stress on their bodies.
  • No unwanted puppies. If you don’t want to have puppies, why would you want your dog to reproduce? What will you do with all the puppies? The sad thing is that many people end up abandoning unwanted puppies. Some people are so cruel they even kill puppies they don’t want. This may be offputting, but it is a reality.
  • Stop abandonment. Some people abandon their animals as a way to “get rid” of unwanted puppies. Many people decide to get rid of their old dog, keep a puppy, and get rid of the rest of the litter.
  • Prevents the spread of diseases. Neutering female dogs can help prevent the spread of several uterine diseases, including cancer. When it comes to male dogs, it prevents testicular and prostate cancer.

Therefore, neutering your pet is far from being cruel, it’s a responsibility that helps stop abandonment and allows pets to have a happy and healthy life, free from diseases. Getting your pet neutered is the best option.


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