Stories of Friendship between Soldiers and Dogs in Afghanistan

Stories of Friendship between Soldiers and Dogs in Afghanistan

Last update: 30 June, 2018

When we think about war, we imagine cruel and horrible situations. However, among all that death and desperation, there are some stories that can make you smile. In this article, you can read about three stories of friendship between soldiers and dogs that might get you to shed a couple tears.

Story Number 1

The protagonists of this beautiful story are the solider Julian McDonald and a dog named “Layka.” Thanks to this animal, the young man is still alive today. Layka saved his live during the war, and out of gratitude, Julian decided to adopt him.

In the heat of battle, the dog was shot four times and gravely injured after throwing himself in front of his friend without a second’s hesitation. The hurt animal was taken to the emergency room and operated on for seven hours. They had to amputate one of his front legs, but they were able to save his life.

To thank him for his bravery and protection, Julian decided to adopt the dog. Layka is now a member of his family, living happily despite his disability.

Story Number 2

friendship between soldiers and dogs

No one guessed that among all the bullets and bombs, a friendship would form between a soldier and a dog. This story features U.S. Marine Craig Grossi, and a dim-witted, small-pawed street dog.

Craig was sent on a dangerous mission to the Sangin region of Afghanistan. He and his troop were left there during the night. They had been protecting themselves against Taliban attacks since their arrival. Two days later, he saw a dog sleeping in the middle of nowhere – a skinny, calm animal.

Though dogs usually stayed in packs to protect themselves and keep away from humans, this one came closer. He was trusting, and was just looking for a little affection. The soldiers didn’t know what to do – they were prohibited from touching animals while they were overseas.

However, since the dog looked like a street animal, they decided to break the rules. They took him with them to their shelter. There, they gave him a piece of jerky. He gratefully wagged his tail and ate his ration. Craig couldn’t understand how an animal with no prior human interaction could be so docile.

When the man had to return to a safe zone, he couldn’t leave his new friend. The animal would follow him everywhere. The dog was named Fred and became another inhabitant at the Marine camp. When Craig told his superiors his intention to keep the dog, they began the long adoption procedure. During that procedure, Craig was sent on a new mission. It was another three months before they were reunited. Where was the dog during all that time? Back at Craig’s home, in New York!

Story 3

This story is about the three street dogs that saved soldier Chris Duke’s life in an explosion. It all started when the American befriended the dogs, giving them food and water from his ration.

For a few weeks the animals (whom he had given the names: Rufus, Target, and Sacha) were extremely grateful and affectionate with the soldier. One morning, a suicide bomber tried to enter the barracks where Duke slept. The dogs prevented the intruder from entering. During the struggle, the man activated the explosive he was wearing, committing suicide.

Because of this, one of the dogs died and the others were left seriously injured. After saving their lives, the soldier asked for permission to adopt them and take them home to the US. They now live there together, as a family.

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