Stray Dog Adopted By Flight Attendant In Buenos Aires: Olivia and Rubio

Stray Dog Adopted By Flight Attendant In Buenos Aires: Olivia and Rubio

Last update: 27 May, 2018

This is the story of Olivia and Rubio. As with every true love story, neither language nor borders could keep them apart. Olivia is a German flight attendant. Rubio is an Argentinian stray dog. They met on one of her work trips to Buenos Aires and today the happy pair lives in Friesland, a rural area in Germany.

How the stray dog and the flight attendant met

Everything started in October 2015. When Olivia got to the capital of Argentina, she stayed at the Puerto Madero hotel. That’s when she found a stray dog at the entrance to the building.

Olivia connected immediately with him, and he gladly let her pet him. The next day when she went for a walk, she saw the same stray dog by the hotel door. But when he recognized her, he started to follow her and they walked together for a long time.

When the time came to say goodbye, Olivia thought that she would never see her four-legged friend again. And yet it turned out to be less of a goodbye and more of a “see you later” scenario.

A persistent, faithful friend

Some time later, Olivia returned to Buenos Aires. Imagine her surprise when she found Rubio waiting for her at the entrance of the same Puerto Madero hotel!

After the joyful reunion, the flight attendant decided to contact an animal protection group. She wanted to find a home for the stray dog. She also took him to the vet for a checkup and for him to get his immunization shots.

Through the protection group, the dog was placed in foster care but ran away. Then he found shelter in the home of an individual that cared for him, but already had a cat. As we all know, cats and dogs do not get along well! With this news, Olivia, who was keeping an eye on the situation from Germany, decided to adopt him.

Rubio the stray dog: from Buenos Aires to Friesland

Olivia asked the members of the protection group to help her with the necessary paperwork. She wanted Rubio to travel to his new home without any trouble.

20 days later, Rubio finally started his long trip to Europe. In the Frankfurt airport, Olivia’s boyfriend was waiting to welcome him. His journey continued on to Friesland, where Rubio reunited with Olivia again. This time in a different land but with the same joy.

Olivia and Rubio: happily ever after

Rubio has become the newest member of a family made up of Olivia, her boyfriend, and two German shepherds. On her Facebook page, the dog looks happy and full of life, playing with his new canine friends in a beautiful yard with flowers and grass.

Hopefully this story will encourage other “Olivia’s” to find their “Rubio’s.” And hopefully the sad reality of animal abandonment is reversed sooner rather than later.

If you want a pet, choose adoption

Stray dog adopted by flight attendant

While this story is proof that the love of a pet transcends borders, it isn’t really necessary to go to the ends of the earth to adopt one. You can find all kinds of animals friends just around the corner or at a nearby shelter. So many have been abandoned and are waiting anxiously for a second chance.

So, now you know: if you decide to become the responsible owner of a lovely four-legged friend, choose adoption. You won’t regret it.



Source of images: Facebook – Olivia Sievers

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