Sulphur and Dogs: A Remedy or Potentially Harmful?

Sulphur and Dogs: A Remedy or Potentially Harmful?

Last update: 28 July, 2018

When out walking you might have seen yellow dust on a street corner?  Well, this is sulphur, a “home remedy” which people believe will stop dogs urinating there. However, in recent months, doubts have been raised. Sulphur and dogs, does it really work? Let us find out.

We know that no one wants dogs urinating at the corner of their house. As a result, some people have tried some tricks to try and stop them. Some failed attempts to do this include placing bottles of water and other things outside. This has led to even stronger products being used. However, it is important to know that sulphur and dogs do not go well together.

Sulphur and Dogs, Does it Really Work?

Many people believe that this could potentially work. However, recent studies have shown that far from achieving their objective, it actually makes things worse and harms animals.

We should not forget that sulphur is toxic. Just smelling it could poison your dog. In fact, this issue has become so serious that the National Police in Spain have issued a warning, demanding that people stop using sulphur for this purpose.

Two dogs being taken for a walk, which could result in a dangerous combination of sulphur and dogs

Not only that, the police have also asked that anyone who sees this substance in the street, to report it for the police to investigate. They are trying to look out for the safety of animals.

It is Harmful to Us

As well as the harm it does to animals, the police warn that this substance contaminates the streets. What’s more, humans will breathe it and are at risk of conjunctivitis. Not only that, it can cause breathing difficulties and asthma.

Furthermore, it is a highly flammable substance that can start fires. We should not forget that it can go off in the air or with oxidisable elements. As a result, sulphur is a danger to both humans and pets. In fact, the police claim that there is no real evidence that using sulphur to ward off dogs even works. It is just a popular myth.

The problem has become so serious in cities like Valencia, Oviedo, Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga, that the use of sulphur in the streets is strictly forbidden. Anyone who uses it will be fined, with penalties reaching up to €750.

Alternative Home Remedies

Given that sulphur does not work in this respect, and what was supposed to be a remedy ended up being dangerous, we need to look for alternatives to stop dogs urinating in certain places.

A dog running on the grass

Here is a list of home-made repellents that work. In fact, they will not do any harm to either you or your pet, nor to any other animal.

  • Lemon. The acidity in lemons is a repellent for dogs. Although the smell of lemon is very pleasant to us, it is too strong for dogs and they are likely to turn away. You only need to squeeze some lemon juice from two or three lemons and spray it over the area you want to keep dogs away from.
  • White Spirit. Alcohol has a strong smell that dogs do not like. However, so that it is not too aggressive for their noses, mix it with water. Make a mixture of one part alcohol and two parts water, and spray it over the area. Vinegar and ammonia have the same effect.
  • Cayenne Pepper. This strong smell and spicy effect will make any animal want to head in the opposite direction. Just put the powder around the doors, or on the area that you want dogs to stop… well, you know.

As you can see, with these natural options it is easy to achieve a lot. These remedies do not just work, but they will not do any harm to animals, to you and your family. Sulphur and dogs is not a good mix at all.


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