The Animals in the Chinese Zodiac

These 12 species all are connected to the different people's "personalities." According to Chinese culture, the zodiac plays a role in everyone's lives and their relationships with other people.
The Animals in the Chinese Zodiac

Last update: 03 September, 2018

According to Chinese, there were 12 animals chosen by the Jade Emperor after organizing a race between all the species in the world. The winners had the “honor” of being in the zodiac and people connected to one of these animals according to the year they are born.

The 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac

According to Chinese culture,  the zodiac plays a role in everyone’s life and their relationships with other people, which is why it’s important to many people. Most likely you have met someone who immediately asks you what year and month you were born to figure out your animal and element (earth, water, fire, wood, and metal).

If you analyze each sign, you’ll see that they’re kind of similar to the personality or behavior of the animal they represent. You need a lot of imagination for some of them, but the relationship is clearer with others.

1. The rat

People born in the year of the rat (the image at the top of this article) are wise, like being around people, and always are willing to give a helping hand. They’re also good with money and work hard to achieve their goals.

2. The ox

These are calm, affectionate, loving people who inspire respect. They also work a lot, like spending time being with their loved ones, and put cleanliness and order above all. They can be very jealous in relationships, enjoy art and music, and don’t like conflict.

The ox, an animal in the Chinese zodiac

3. The tiger

The people that this animal represents are passionate, full of energy, adventurous, clever, impulsive, and independent… Tigers love to have fun, always stand out, and tend to be leaders. With relationships, they’re usually seductive and strong, although they can also be possessive and out of control.

The tiger

4. The rabbit

People born during the year of the rabbit are sensible, friendly, prudent, discreet, and attentive. Most other animals accept them. Rabbits like peace, hate violence, and prefer to live a calm, harmonious lifestyle. They are great mediators or diplomats.

Rabbits are in danger of extinction

5. The dragon

This is the only imaginary animal in the Chinese zodiac. A lot of people also say it’s the most important, because it symbolizes the Jade Emperor. People born under this sign are entrepreneurs, powerful, lively, and creative. They lose control when they get angry and it takes them a long time to calm down.

The dragon, a mythological creature

6. The snake

Snakes are cunning, intense, and also sensible. They can be possessive and jealous, but are always loyal to those close to them. They get angry when they’re wrong, but are pretty much calm individuals.

Green snake

7. The horse

These people are popular, energetic, impatient, and joyful. They really like traveling, meeting new people, and learning about new cultures and languages. People born under the sign of the horse have an easy time finding love, but get easily get swept away by passion.

Black horse

8. The sheep

These people are friendly, sensitive, proud, creative, and uninterested in material objects (they don’t usually have many possessions). They love being around nature and their family. They don’t always do well with pressure or deadlines.

The sheep

9. The monkey

Monkeys are clever, fun, and have quick, lively minds. They’re persuasive, sociable, and can solve just about any problem, although they don’t always do well with friendships and relationships. They’re healthy, but also prone to partying too much.

The monkey

10. The rooster

Seductive, efficient, orderly, and pragmatic, roosters are great at communication and are good leaders. They can also be egotistical and stubborn. People born under this sign don’t think much about their health.

The rooster, one of the animals in the Chinese zodiac

11. The dog

They’re hardworking, honest, trustworthy, loyal, and fair. They can spend hours listening to other people’s problems. They’re faithful in every kind of relationship, and get sad when their partners go out without them. They can be nervous.

The dog

12. The pig

The last animal in the Chinese zodiac is honest, brave, sincere, determined, and has a lot of willpower. These people are always well-grounded, passionate, hardworking, and not very interested in exercise, so they are prone to being overweight.

The pig

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