The Best Birds to Have as Pets

Find out what the best birds are to keep at home
The Best Birds to Have as Pets

Written by Camila O.Thomas

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Here at My Animals, you can read about the best birds to have at home. You’ll find these animals are the best pets for people who don’t enough time to dedicate to a cate or dog. Birds are wonderful pets because they require simple care.

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Many people prefer the company of cats or dogs, which are the two most common pets. Nevertheless, before choosing an animal to have as a companion, it’s best to think about your lifestyle. In general, your habits, routine, and life situation determine which pet would be your best option.

For those who work a lot, a dog wouldn’t be a good choice because they require interaction on regular basis and can become depressed if they don’t get it. At the same time, if you rent a house or apartment, you might not be allowed to have dogs or cats.

Even though having dogs or cats can be very satisfying, these pets need a high level of care and attention. However, there is an option for those people who can’t spend a lot of time with them or have the means to care for a four-legged animal.

Choosing a bird as a pet

Birds can provide company and happiness while demanding very little in return. Besides, birds are very intelligent, and their evolution has allowed them to develop unique habits.

In addition, birds have highly developed cognitive abilities, which means they are very good at problem-solving. They can learn visual and auditory patterns and recognize their own names. They can also easily count objects.

Cockatoo is one of the best birds to have as a pet

Another advantage is that birds are very inexpensive to maintain. Compared to four-legged pets, caring for birds is relatively easy because they don’t require going on walks outside, and they don’t consume large quantities of food. Also, birds clean themselves. They spend a large part of their day preening their wings in order to be sleek and shiny.

In general, birds are very sociable. They can be as affectionate as cats and dogs. Continue reading and below you will find out what are the best birds to have at home.

The best birds to have at home

There are certain types of birds that are more suitable to live in closed spaces, such as a house or an apartment. For this very reason, it’s not surprising that potential owners want to research several kinds of birds. Also, it’s easier to create a connection with an animal that has a friendly and happy nature.

Bird owners will always have some scratches and small bites. However, it’s possible to lessen the risk of being bitten by a bird if you choose the right one with caution. Below, are suggestions on some birds that are more loving and suitable for your schedule.

1.The common parakeet

The common parakeet, also known as the Australian parakeet, is the most prevalent when it comes to domestic birds.  Originally from Australia, this little bird is popular worldwide. Its size makes it the most ideal species to keep in closed spaces, such as apartments. 

Turquoise and white parakeet

Parakeets can be very temperamental. However, with training and care, parakeets can be very friendly. Besides being small and easy to care for, they love entertainment. They are ideal for people who have retired and want to occupy their mind. 

Also, parakeets can learn some very interesting and funny tricks. They have the ability to repeat words from people. Actually, some can repeat entire conversations. If you are interested, you’ll find several videos on the internet showing the phonetic ability of parakeets.

2. The cockatoo is one of the best birds as a pet

If you are looking for a happy and loving bird, a cockatoo is a good choice. Cockatoos are beautiful and can be ideal pets when they’re given enough attention.

Grey, white and yellow cockatoo sitting on a log

Cockatoos are natives of Australia. In general, they are wild birds. Therefore, the adults can’t be adopted as pets. However, if they have a healthy diet and are well taken care of from the time of birth, they’ll be ideal pets. 

Cockatoos are very sociable animals. They need constant interaction to live a happy life. Therefore, it’s necessary that you have enough time available to spend with this bird. Without the needed attention, cockatoos can become depressed and develop bad habits.

The reason that cockatoos need so much attention is due to their high intelligence. Even though cockatoos don’t tend to learn to speak, they can imitate some of the sounds of daily life. These include doorbells and other types of bells as well as calls and notifications on phones.

Thanks to their intelligence, cockatoos can develop a sense of humor similar to that of children. They also like to play and accompany their owners when they do their daily chores.

3. Parrots

Some years ago, parrots became one of the preferred pets of the world, despite the fact that they have strong personalities. Due to their intelligence, parrots can recognize their likes and dislikes, from food to people. 

Blue and orange parrot being fed by a little girl, one of the best birds for a pet

People who are considering a parrot for a pet need to consider various factors. A parrot owner should have time to invest in their relationship with a parrot. They need love and attention. Parrots need to play constantly and do activities that develop their intelligence.

When you consider getting a bird for a pet, your habits, routine, and life situation in general will determine which bird will be the best for you.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.