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The Secret Life of Pets: Imaginative and Hilarious

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The Secret Life of Pets: Imaginative and Hilarious
Last update: 21 May, 2018

“Ever wonder what your pets do when you’re not at home?” This is the intriguing premise of the movie The Secret Life of Pets. The film puts a humorous spin on the antics of our beloved pets when they’re home alone.

What is The Secret Life of Pets all about?

The idea is amusing and original, to say the least. The film is about a dog named Max. Max is living a happy life with his family when suddenly his world crumbles into dust. A new dog, by the name of Duke, moves into the home.

Since Duke is new, he takes some attention and love that previously belonged to Max. A rivalry ensues, creating hilarious situations that will make your stomach hurt from so much laughing.

However, Max starts losing interest in the rivalry. Why? Well, Max finds out that an abandoned, resentful bunny is forming an army. The goal is to eliminate all pets that are happy at home with their owners. Now Max has no choice; he has to join forces with Duke to win. Before, they were fighting each other. But now, they need to become allies to win the war.

What does The Secret Life of Pets teach us?

Of course, the film is a make-believe vision of pets. Still, there are many things it can teach us about our pets, such as:

  • The perception they have of us. Our pets love us—there’s no doubt about that. They also view us as their superiors, someone to please and not cause too much trouble for. That said, in the film the cat who eats the chicken and cake in the refrigerator looks like she gives her owner quite a bit of trouble!
  • They adapt to us. How many times have you seen energetic dogs turn into quiet, calm dogs? The reason is that dogs have an ability to adapt to their environment and the people that they live with. In the movie, you’ll see a “refined” dog with ostentatious hair. But, when the owner leaves, he changes the music from Mozart to heavy metal.
  • They have their own personality. Each animal has its own, very unique personality. Although they adapt to their surroundings, there are things that they like and things that they don’t like. We saw that Max didn’t like the beautiful dog, Gidget.  Leonard, the posh poodle, didn’t like his owner’s music. And Chloe, the cat, preferred chicken over boring cat food.
  • They need our love. If you want to, it’s perfectly fine to bring home a new pet. But always make sure that any other pets never feel displaced or replaced. You surely have enough love for all, so treat them equally and everyone will feel happy and loved.
  • Abandonment has consequences. Snowball, the warrior bunny, was filled with hate after being abandoned. It’s highly unlikely that abandoned animals will organize a war like in this fun movie, but abandonment does result in mental disorders and fear. In some cases, the results are irreparable and pets can turn quite aggressive.

The Secret Life of Pets is a wonderful movie that has broken box office records and made millions of people laugh until their sides hurt. Plus, the image of fun-loving, entertaining pets probably encouraged more than a few viewers to adopt their own. Do you want a good laugh? Here’s the trailer to whet your appetite!  

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