Tips for Planning a Trip With Your Dog

The destination, pet carrier, documents, toys, food, and water are all factors to consider when taking your dog on a trip. All of this will affect the health and comfort of your pet.
Tips for Planning a Trip With Your Dog

Last update: 10 October, 2018

Around the holidays, pet owners always have to think about what to do with their pets. If you are a dog owner, then you could plan an enjoyable trip with your pet. Just follow the recommendations that are in this article and you’ll have a great trip that the entire family can enjoy.

The most important factor about traveling with a pet is planning everything. You don’t have to be able to see the future, but you should have a clear routine set beforehand. By planning, you can make sure that this trip will be enjoyable with your dog. Also, you will be less likely to leave anything important behind.

Another factor to consider is the age and health of your dog. The behavior and needs of a puppy are much different than those of an older dog. Therefore, it’s important to get as much information as possible about your destination. Once you know what it has to offer, you can better plan the trip.

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5 Tips for Planning a Trip with Your Dog

Pick a place that allows animals

When you travel with your dog, make sure your the place where you’ll be staying at allows animals. Many hotels and hostels don’t allow you to bring pets. Also, you should check if your dog will be comfortable at the hotel.

Make Sure Your Pet’s Vaccines Are Up-to-date

Making sure your dogs vaccines are up-to-date vaccinations is an essential requirement when planning a trip with your dog. This way you can avoid any contagious diseases that your dog can catch during the trip. A pre-trip check up with the vet is also important.

Deciding on Transportation

Choosing between traveling by air or land helps you foresee what you will need. It’s a good idea for your dog to travel inside a pet carrier if you decide to go by plane or car. This ensure that your dog is more secure and protected in case of an accident.


Before traveling, you should check and see what documents are required for your dog. For example, the European Union requires a travel passport for all animals. You can get this document at animal clinics.

Family Fun

Consider what activities you can do with your dog. Outdoor walks and time to play with other animals are important so your dog enjoys the trip as well. You should also try to anticipate any reactions your dog might have during new experiences.

Upon Arrival

Once you have reached your destination, you should spend time with your dog. Let him go out, run around and relieve himself like he would at home. Likewise, it’s a good idea the accommodation first so your pet will smell you before he goes int. 

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Must-haves on a Trip with Your Dog

Pet Carrier

Some owners feel guilty about locking up their pet during a trip. However, in actuality a pet carrier is the safest place for your while you travel because it provides him with protection. Plus, it’s a safe space that he is familiar with.

Before going on a trip, let your dog to interact with the pet carrier if he is unfamiliar with it. One way to help keep him calm while getting used to the carrier is to have him exercise beforehand so can rest inside of it. 

ID Tags

Don’t forget your dog’s identification tags during the trip. During the entire trip, your dog should wear a collar with tags that have your contact information. Other options to consider are microchips or even a tattoo with an ID number.

Food and Water

You should bring enough food and water for your dog while traveling. You should also feed your dog prior to traveling. However, avoid giving your dog too much food, so he doesn’t get sick.  In addition, if your dog drinks too much, he will urinate in his carrier during the trip.

Bring His Favorite Toy

One way to make your pet feel comfortable is to give him his favorite toy. Although some toys aren’t suited for carriers, a toy will help him cope better with the stress of traveling.