Adoption: Are Two Dogs Better Than One?

Thinking about adopting a second canine? Read this first.
Adoption: Are Two Dogs Better Than One?

Last update: 02 March, 2018

You go to work like everyday, and as always you see your pet’s the look of sadness. And, you think about being left alone. Sometimes you consider adopting another dog. But will two dogs be better than one?

Obviously we can’t give you the the answer to this question directly. You and your circumstances decide what is best for you. Nevertheless, we will show you the pros and con of having more than one dog.

Advantages showing that two are better than one

Even before beginning, already in the first paragraph you will see one: your dog will have a buddy with him. When you go to work or any other place, you dog will have a friend to play with and to be with.

Nevertheless, this is not the only benefit:

  • Socializing. If your dog is not very old and is used to being alone with you, it’s likely that he will have a hard time socializing with other dogs or people. Living with another furry friend may be very helpful for improving in this area.
  • Avoiding boredom. Boredom is afflicts many dogs. When they spend a lot of time alone at home, it’s likely that this is something that largely affects them. Having a playmate may be an ideal way to avoid it.
  • Lowering stress. Separation anxiety, loneliness and boredom may generate stress in your pet. Having someone else at home when you aren’t there might avoid those tensions and, therefore, relieve and even impede your pet from becoming stressed.
  • Helping to become empathetic. While animals are naturally empathetic, they say that touch brings affection and affection promotes empathy. Loving his companion at home will help them be empathetic with him, with other family members as well as others outside the house.
  • You will be happier at home. If you adopted a dog to not feel so alone or to have company, you will have realized that your pet brings joy to your home. What would you feel like if that happiness was doubled? That is exactly what will happen if you have two rather than one.

Of course with each situation there’s another side of the coin. While there are many benefits, there are also some drawbacks. Do you want to know them?

Drawbacks of having two rather than one dog

There may be several drawbacks of deciding to have two rather than one. We’ll list them for you.

  • More expensive. Yes, now you’ll have to get double the vaccines, two chips, food for two, two food bowls, two water bowls, two beds, etc. Meaning that everything is doubled and therefore, it costs twice the amount of money. Take this into account before adopting another dog, because although sometimes two may be better than one, this is an important factor to be aware of.

Who of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost?

-Bible Verse-

  • Not getting along. If your pet is a little older and isn’t used to socializing, it’s possible that they won’t get along well and that it may become a bad cohabitation situation due to jealousy. If you decide to adopt another pet, you’ll have to do a process of socialization before bringing the pet home to see if both animals get along well.
  • More time. Your will need more time to take two out for a walk, to take them to the veterinarian, to feed them and give them all the care that they need.
  • Unwanted puppiesProblems may occur between dogs of the same gender, but there is also the risk of pregnancies if the dogs have different genders. Make sure that neither thing happens.

In view of the advantages and drawbacks of having two rather than one dog, you are the one with the last word. We are supporters of the more the merrier, but each one must assess his or her circumstances and options.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.