Which Cat to Choose?

Which Cat to Choose?

Last update: 26 November, 2018

Once you have decided that you want a cat, the next question is, which cat to choose? There are a list of questions that you will need to consider before you choose a cat, such as its size, age, and breed.

To begin with, you need to think about the answers to some simple questions. What size cat do you want? What type do you find the most attractive? Do you want an independent cat or a house cat? What care will it need? What activities will they enjoy?

After these questions, there are some more which are equally important. Choosing a cat does not just depend on your taste. It also depends on your lifestyle.

Recommendations When Deciding Which Cat to Choose

  1. Lifestyle. The arrival of a kitten will change your life and you will need to adapt, similar to when a new baby arrives. With animals this is obviously easier because we are able to choose them.If you are an older person who wants a cat, then an adult cat will be ideal. They tend to be calmer and house trained.
    A very small kitten which may be perfect for kids if you're considering which cat to choose

    If you work a lot of the time, then the best choice would be an independent cat
    . You need to make sure that they can freely get in and out of the house so that they can eat, as and when they wish.If the cat is for a child then it would be better to get an active, sociable, and playful cat.
  2. Breed. Before choosing a cat, we recommend that you do some research on the different breeds.Most people tend to go for pure breed cats. Although they have their advantages, they are not always compatible with everyone. Furthermore, this type of cat is more prone to illness.The good thing about doing some research, is that you can find out information about certain traits that the breed has, as well as important details about the care that they require.
  3. Some cats are more expensive than others. For example, a young cat will need vaccinations and dewormingwhilst an older cat will probably need medication.If you have already decided to get a cat, a quick visit to a pet shop will help you to get an idea of the budget you need. It will also be useful to find out how much veterinary check-ups are likely to cost.
  4. Home dynamics. Another important point to consider if you are deciding which cat to choose, is your home. If you want a house cat then it will need space to play, particularly if it is going to be left alone during the day.If, on the other hand, you have decided that they can go outside regularly, then you need to consider the logistics. The cat will need access for both in and out of the house.

Which Cat to Choose When Adopting

Providing a home for a cat that does not have a family is the best option. Not only is it a safer way to get a cat, but the animals are always much more appreciative and loyal.

In any case, consider the following when adopting a cat:

  1. The cat’s history. It is important to find out how the cat came to be in a refuge. Its history will tell you a lot about its behavior.It is crucial to know if they have had any illnessesas well as if they have received the right vaccinations and treatment for their age.
    A tabby cat being stroked by its owner
  2. Each animal has its habits, something you should find out about before adopting.For example, you need to know what they eat and when, as well as the way they do their “business”. You should also find out if they have received any training about where and how to sleep, as well as other things.
  3. Socialization. Finding out how the cat behaves around people is crucial. If there is already a cat at home, then we recommend that they go with you to visit the adoption centre.Cats do not always get on well with everyone, so it is important to choose a cat that will get on well with your family. This is even more so when you have children at home, in which case a kitten would be ideal.This also applies if you have other animals at home too. It is a good idea to share your information with the staff at the refuge, as they will be able to give you advice about the specific cat that you are thinking of adopting.
  4. Just as animals have their own habits, some animals also have their own needs.Generally, adult cats require more attention than young cats, and this could involve extra medication and vitamins.If your cat is going to be able to go out of the house as they please, then you also need to consider fleas and sterilisation.