Why Do Dogs Follow Their Owners Everywhere?

Whether by instinct or a strong bond with their owners, dogs follow us everywhere.
Why Do Dogs Follow Their Owners Everywhere?

Last update: 13 November, 2018

 Dogs are man’s best friend and often, are shadows too. There are a number of reasons why dogs behave in this manner. There are many of which can be difficult to understand for many owners. In this article, find out why dogs follow their owners everywhere.

Why dogs follow their owners everywhere: a scientifically explainable behavior

Whether you find it charming or frustrating, the truth is that dogs have been following their everywhere ever since man first domesticated the wolf. In fact, it’s unlikely that this behavior will ever change, even with thousands of years of evolution.

Despite this, if are able to understand why dogs follow their owners everywhere, then maybe it might seem less annoying when they follow you around and, instead take it as just another normal part of your faithful friends.

Dogs follow their owner during hike

The science

  • Imprinting is the phenomenon which was originally observed by the Austrian scientist Konrad Lorenz. To begin with, it relates to how newborns of certain animals detect a mother figure, regardless of whether it’s their mother or a carer. They identify this mother figure as the provider or carer, food and will follow him/her everywhere. This initial attachment can even have an effect on the animal’s behavior later on in life. In the case of dogs, this imprinting process lasts for the first 12 weeks of life.
  • Through a training regime based on love and rewards, owners can establish a strong bond with their pets. In turn, your pet will start to follow you around everywhere. If your dog identifies you as the source of food and fun, he’ll probably never want to be apart from you. Despite this, each dog will have a different personality. Levels of independence can vary enormously from one dog to another.
  • When it comes this part of the canine personality, some dogs live very comfortable alongside humans and feel very close to their owners. Some can even experience separation anxiety if their owners are away from home for too long. This dependency can become unhealthy if not controlled. You may need to visit a canine ethologist or dog trainer if your dog’s separation anxiety starts to become a problem. However, some dogs are very independent and are quite happy to enjoy life at home with no one else around.
Dogs follow their owners while walking

Is this behavior really good for us?

Some owners claim to find their new shadow a bit annoying. They man sit there, watching their owner’s every move and constantly needs attention and affection. For others, one of the benefits of having a pet revolves around having the company of a loyal and affectionate friend to greet you whenever you get home.

Every owner and every animal will have a unique relationship, and each will have to establish their own comfort zone. No matter what, if your dog is happy with you and prefers to follow you everywhere.  Both of you will enjoy this fantastic friendship which will last the rest of your lives.

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