How to Prevent Spiders from Getting Inside Your Home

Vibrations from infrasound devices have been proven effective to get spiders to leave your home. At the same time, there are other home remedies, such as deep cleaning instead of using pesticides and other chemicals that are harmful to your family's and pet's health.
How to Prevent Spiders from Getting Inside Your Home
Francisco María García

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Last update: 22 December, 2022

Spiders prefer living in their natural habitats where conditions are just right for them to develop. However, some spiders might find a safe, warm corner inside your home.

Continue reading to learn about some simple, homemade tips and tricks to help you keep spiders from getting inside your home. Even this article is intended to keep spiders out of your house, these animals are good for your garden or yard. Their behavior and diet are actually helpful when it reducing the insect population. 

Most of the spiders that in homes are normally harmless because they’re not aggressive or venomous. However, if seeing spider webs around your home bothers you, then you can try some homemade remedies and cleaning methods.

Keep your house clean

As mentioned earlier, spiders enter your home in search of a calm, safe space to hide. Generally, they set up shop in the darkest corners of your house, that have little ventilation or human intervention.

Black widow

Due to that, the first and most important trick to keep spiders away is by adopting very strict cleaning habits. To start, clean all of the corners of your home at least twice a week, including the ceiling. Likewise, it’s always good to keep your hallways ventilated and well-lit.

Install mosquito nets in the chimney, windows, and underneath the doors that give entrance to the home. It’s important to make sure your house doesn’t have little holes or openings in its structure because they make it easier for spiders to get inside.

Giant spider

Finally, avoid having fire-wood inside or around the house. Likewise, don’t keep dense vegetation near the windows and doors.

Keeping spiders out of your house

Pesticides are bad for your health and they also threaten the well-being of our pets and plants. Plus, pesticides do cause damage to ecosystems. We should always try homemade remedies and non-invasive methods to keep out spiders and insects. Here are more some simple tricks to try out.

Eucalyptus or mint oil

Spray your house with eucalyptus or mint oil on a daily basis to prevent spiders from coming in. Especially remember to spray the windows and underneath the doors that have access to outside. You can find these oils at most organic or natural food stores.

Jumping Spider

It’s important to check with anyone in your family is allergic before applying these products around your house. Check with a specialist to learn more about testing several allergies in kids and adults.

Infrasound devices

Currently, there are a number of options on the market for infrasound devices that effectively fight off rats, spiders, and insects. They need only be plugged in to start emitting infrasound wavelengths that dissuade invaders.

One of the benefits of this method is that it presents no health dangers to pets and children.

Camouflaged spider

Peels, juices, or fragrances from citrus fruits

The aroma of citrus fruits can repel spiders. You can use the peels, skins, juices, or fragrances to keep them out. If you have pets, make sure they don’t lick any industrial projects.


The strong scent of tobacco is also effective at preventing spiders, moths, and other insects from getting inside your home. Scattering tobacco leaves around the corners of the house will help prevent webs from appearing. However, this method isn’t good if you have pets because they might eat the tobacco.


Vinegar is another solution for cleaning your house and protecting everyone’s health. Its aroma and antiseptic properties keep the house free of a number of pathogens and microorganisms, as well as keeping spiders away. To use this natural remedy, you only need to mix water and vinegar in equal parts and spray it around the house.


Though it’s surprising, cats are excellent helpers when it comes to keeping spiders out of the house. The scent alone of a cat in the house will cause rats, insects, and spiders to stay away.

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