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Laura Huelin

Dog trainer

She has a degree in Hispanic Philology. Her passion for language is complemented by her desire to advance in the study, understanding, and care of animals. Specifically, she has specialized at a theoretical and practical level in dog training. She uses a positive approach and advises and accompanies dog owners so that they can assimilate techniques, methods, and strategies of canine care.

About the author

Laura has a Degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of La Coruña (2012). She has a Dog Training Degree from Dogcalm (2017), as well as a variety of courses focused on the ethological study of these animals. Among these, the Animal Welfare, Shelter and Adoption Management (2016), Behavior Modification for Professionals (2017), Canine Food (2017), Canine Language (2017) and Aggressiveness Directed at Dogs (2018) courses stand out.

She currently works as a positive dog trainer. She makes home visits (overcoming fears, solving behavioral problems, counseling for adopters, among other things). She also accompanies owners with their dogs in courses taught at Dogcalm. Her passion for animals is complemented by her activities as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language and as a promoter of cultural management.

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