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Miguel Mata Gallego


A biologist specializing in environmental conservation and soil analysis. He's currently developing his studies to access the Master's Degree in Ecosystem Restoration at the Complutense University of Madrid. He has worked on research projects and consultancies on urban trees. He's also an amateur writer, a facet that he manifests through collaboration as a writer for digital media.

About the author

Graduated in Biology from the Complutense University of Madrid (2020). He is currently developing his studies and research for a Master's degree in Ecosystem Restoration at the same University.

He has collaborated with the researcher of the Higher Council for Scientific Research Mario Díaz in his project to monitor the fertility of holm oaks in the Cabañeros National Park. Throughout his university education, he has completed his studies of foreign languages such as English, doing an Erasmus exchange at the University of Amsterdam (2019). He has also worked with Tecnigral in advising on the inventory of urban trees.

From a very young age, Miguel Mata Gallego has been interested in nature and all the processes related to it. Likewise, he has always been an amateur writer, and even received awards during his school training for his short stories. This facet is now developed as a digital media collaborator on issues of ecology or biology. His current areas of interest are environmental conservation and soil analysis.

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