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Natalia Laguna


A biologist specializing in ecology and wildlife preservation. She has collaborated with various research projects, as an environmental educator, as a field technician, and as a botanical technician. She has experience in viticulture, soil analysis, oenology, environmental sensitivity programs, and as a facilitator of ecosystem conservation workshops.

About the author

Graduated in Biology from the University of León (2007)., she expanded her training with a postgraduate degree in Sustainable Agricultural Ecosystems from the University of La Rioja (2011). She also has certification as a National Parks Guide by Magrama (2016).

She has participated in several publications and communications on grapevine genetics research at the University of La Rioja, CIDA (Government of La Rioja) and ICVV (CSIC). Some of them stand out, such as the Preliminary study of the compactness of the Cluster of the vine (2011), Preservation of the genetic heritage of the vine in La Rioja (2009) and Differences in Flower Transcriptome between Grapevine Clones Are Related to Their Cluster Compactness, Fruitfulness, and Berry Size (2017).

Natalia Laguna Ullán has more than 10 years of experience as a biologist, with an emphasis on plants. Her collaboration in projects of environmental education, permaculture, natural medicine with plants, and the preservation of wildlife stands out. She has explored a facet as a disseminator through talks and as a writer for digital media.

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