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Silvia Conde


A biologist specialized in animal behavior. She has worked with exotic and endangered animals in projects that mediate their preservation. She has also worked as a veterinary assistant, a laboratory technician, and as a disseminator. She explores this last facet by writing and curating content related to her areas of interest.

About the author

Graduated in Biology from the University of Seville (2015). She specialized in animal behavior with a Master's degree in Applied Ethology and Animal Behavior from the Pablo de Olavide University (2016). She also has a specialization in Bioinformatics from the latter house of studies (2021).

During her specialization in ethology, she had the opportunity to work with exotic animals. She closely studied the behavior of an endangered species in order to contribute to its breeding and reintroduction in her final Master's project The Importance of odor in reproductive and social behavior in the European mink.

She has taken several courses to complete her training. Among these, the Advanced Course in Care Assistance in Veterinary Centers taught by MasterD (2017) and the Animal Experimentation Course: Laboratory Animal Management by the Center for Biosanitary Studies stand out.

Silvia has dealt firsthand with animals, from laboratory tasks to the operating room. She has worked in veterinary clinics as an assistant and as a laboratory technician. She currently collaborates with QUBE in the extraction and inoculation by various routes and in different species of animals. She also works as a writer and editor of content related to her area of training.

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