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Best Premium Dog Food Brands for Your Pets

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Specially designed dog food covers the animal's nutritional needs, even if the quality varies amongst products; you pay more for food that is more pure or natural, but it is the right option when you want the best for your pet's well-being
Best Premium Dog Food Brands for Your Pets
Last update: 08 April, 2018
Our pets need to eat dog food, a specially elaborated food just for them that fulfills all of their nutritional needs. There are many brands on the market. But in this article, we are going to talk to you about the latest premium brands and what makes them different from the rest.

Our dogs’ food

Our pets cannot feed themselves the same way that humans do. That is why we invented dog food: a food thought up just for them that satisfies their needs. The kibble is normally made from animal protein tissue in conjunction with other elements.

The typical brands of dog food tend to have a mix of 50% of these elements in their formulas. Their quality varies between deficient and acceptable. In the case of the premium brands, their kibble is made with a net content of only animal protein. 

The reason for this purity in their content is to prevent possible allergic reactions to some of the elements. We need to remember that our dogs’ digestive systems are still carnivorous to a large degree, and the appearance of a vegetable could be harmful to our pet’s health.

Furthermore, premium brands are different because of the choice of their cuts of meat; they only use the best and freshest meat of the region. Also, the nutritional balance of their products is very high in comparison with the generic brands that are common in the market.

Which dog food is the best for my pet?

When choosing food for your dog, you must take his size and age into consideration. Dog food comes packaged thinking about the distinct needs of each breed for maintaining a balanced diet.

For example, dog food for large-breed puppies has completely different nutritional values than dog food for older adults. In other words, they satisfy distinct nutritional needs for the distinct life stages of our companions. 

And not only that, the taste is also an important influencing factor at the time of choosing a brand. Like us humans, some animals prefer the taste of fish or meat more. The pet’s personality will lead you to try an endless amount of brands to see which one most fits his needs at every moment.

So as you will see, the brands adapt for every type of dog in different life stages. If your dog experiences an undesirable or allergic reaction to the product, we advise that you stop giving it to him and consult the veterinarian immediately.

The best brands right now


It is a Canadian brand that makes their product with the finest meats from their farms adapted to sustainable development. Their slogan Biologically Appropriate™ fits very well with their manufacturing; their menu includes fresh meats, birds, eggs, and fish.

True Instinct

This is a brand from St. Louis, United States dedicated exclusively to animal protein and a natural diet for your pets. The purpose of their product is based on the mental and physical well-being of your pet. It uses solely natural ingredients with a flavor close to the natural one.

Royal Canin

This is a Spanish company with the Mars group, whose principles are based on five features: quality, responsibility, reciprocity, efficiency, and freedom. 

Royal Canin is very popular, not only in Spain; in Portugal and other countries it has gained a lot of prestige thanks to the constant innovation of their products. This company’s products have a really good quality and are thought up for the well-being of the animal before anything else.

Wellness Core

This is a brand aimed at the 100% natural nutrition of your pet, and it uses a large proportion of animal protein in its product. To balance the food, they use very few vegetable ingredients with a low allergy index that will be very good for your pet.


This is a brand dedicated exclusively to the natural diet of pets using only the freshest and most select ingredients from the market. Each ingredient has a specific purpose for your pet. That is, it won’t only feed him, but also will treat other parts of the body such as hair and nails.


Products from the Fromm family are elaborated under the strictest sanitary norms in the United States. Their products are handmade and come in small batches in order to guarantee the quality of their food.

If at any moment you feel that the quality is getting worse, you can call their branch in Wisconsin and they will reevaluate their process and ingredients for a better result.

Now you have some brands of premium dog food aimed at your pet’s well-being. Of course, natural food is a good option, but with these options we guarantee you that your pet will always have the best.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.