5 Tricks for Removing Dog Hair from Clothes

From adhesive tape to daily brushing, these tips will keep your home and clothing free from dog hair.
5 Tricks for Removing Dog Hair from Clothes

Last update: 05 April, 2018

Nobody can deny that one of the most common problems when you have a dog is that he leaves his hair on your clothes. Often, the dog hair can be very difficult to remove.

If you want to solve this problem in the easiest way possible, keep reading below where we are going to show you 5 tricks that can help.

Adhesive tape

Even though it doesn’t seem true, adhesive tape can be very helpful to you in removing your small four-legged friend’s hairs from your clothes. As it turns out, it is one of the most used tricks for many people.

As you can imagine, the technique consists of placing the tape on top of the hairs on your clothes and then slowly removing the tape. If it is done too quickly or vigorously, some materials like cotton or silk could get easily damaged.

The tape that you use should be very wide, since that way you will be able to catch the greatest amount of hair with it.

In the same manner, one of the best tricks that you can do with adhesive tape is putting it on a cylinder with a handle. You will be able to go over the “hairy” areas and rapidly eliminate the problem.

Cold air

Just as in the previous case, this is a genuine surprise for everyone. If we are talking about cold weather and dogs, the first thing that will come to many people’s minds is that these beautiful animals have a strong dislike of low temperatures.

However, in this case, the cold air can be extremely helpful in removing dog hair from our clothes. The cold air will make them fall and slide off the fabric of your clothes.

For this trick you will need a powerful dryer that can emit cold air. You need to place it on your clothes for 15 minutes minimum; that will be more than enough to make the dog hair disappear from your clothes.

Lint roller

This is one of the best tricks for removing a pet’s hairs from your clothes because it is an object specifically designed for that reason. Therefore, it is fundamental to always have it at hand if you live with a hairy animal.

This object is no more than a roller of sheets covered in adhesive. When going over any piece of clothing that has a lot of dog hair, it will remove the hair with an astonishing ease.

In addition, you can use the lint roller on sheets, blankets, or on any part of your vehicule where your small friend has left his “mark.”

Wet latex gloves

Sometimes the dog hair gets completely stuck. This makes removing them with a tool or object that you have available fairly complicated, even those mentioned previously.

However, it is this type of situation where latex gloves come into play. When you wet them, they are extremely helpful in getting rid of your pet’s hair from your clothes.

Yes, even if it seems unusual, these same gloves that are used for washing the dishes turn out to be great and effective for dog hair removal. This is because of the difference in electric charges that they have when wetting them. The hairs that are stuck the most stick to the gloves very easily.

As you can see, the key for this trick is the water. It also makes other objects effective, such as dish towels. They can be used for hair removal when they are damp, too.

Brush your dog daily

Dogs are beautiful living beings that require the best care possible in order to be happy and healthy. This is a trick that will be useful both for removing his hair from your clothes and for making sure he has a good state of health and a good mood.

These little ones can develop a strong bond with their owner if he gives them such care. In addition, you will be preventing different illnesses that he could suffer from because of poor hair conditions.

If you follow these tricks, you will not have to worry about your dog’s hairs anymore.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.