Charitable Gifts that Change Abandoned Cats’ Lives

December 15, 2018

Have you ever wondered how animal shelters finance their work? In My Animals, we’ll give you the answer: through charitable gifts. These can be pens, bookmarks, key rings, small stuffed animals, etc. Would you like to know where to find them and how to support these animal shelters to continue with their wonderful work?

In this article, you can read all about these charitable gifts. Don’t lose detail, because solidarity is undoubtedly an imminent need in the world.

Charitable gifts, where to get them?

The animal protection associations collect dozens of animals monthly. Some are adopted quickly, but others never find a home.

These stray cats would benefit from these charitable gifts.

As long as they are in the shelter, they will need needs attention like veterinarian care, hygiene, and food.

How is all of this financed? If you have ever been to one of these non-profit associations, you may have seen a small store selling charitable gifts. These stores are created precisely to cover the costs of caring for the animals in a dignified manner.

These types of stores have also become virtual in recent years. Buying one of these gifts not only provides for the shelters financially, but also the funds could be used sevaral purposes in the association, and motivating other people to participate with this charitable work.

These shops sell beautiful charitable gifts can be bought in person or online. If you buy one for yourself and your friends see it, they most likely would want to get one for themselves.

Charitable gifts, which ones you can buy?

Let’s talk about the ten most common charitable gifts that no one can resist. You can find gifts that worth two dollars and all of them are practical and good quality. In addition, their manufacture always respects the environment.

Take a look at this list to buy one because it will be a grain of sand to help the hundreds of thousands of animals that get abandoned every year. Although this list comes from Spanish shelters, we’re sure that in your country there will be some that sell charitable gifts. 

Cat gift boxes

These boxes aren’t for you to put something in them and give them away. Rather, they are boxes that include voluntary participation. You can buy it for yourself or give it to someone who loves cats. These boxes include veterinary consultations, food and other things that cats need. You’ll also have a collection of beautiful photos.


For example, there are animal protection organizations that stamp photos of cats on T-shirts and then sell them at an affordable price. In Sabadell, there is an organization that makes shirts for men, women or children, long-sleeved, short or suspenders at a modest price of 12 dollars. Who wouldn’t spend that amount for a charitable cause?


Although it seems that reading on paper is out of fashion, everyone still has a book that they love and it needs an excellent bookmark. In these stores, you can find a wide range of them made from recycled materials and at very affordable prices.

Charitable notebooks

For only 4 dollars you can buy a notebook with beautiful drawings of cats in recycled paper. Within in their pages, you can find kittens hunting butterflies or playing with balls of yarn. These 4 dollars can help the most underprivileged cats.

Charitable toys

Kitten playing with a gift ball.

Maybe you already have a cat and you can’t adopt anymore. However, it would be a good idea to buy them toys at one of these stores. There cost less than one dollar and are very original. Remember, your money will go to a charitable cause.


There are some stores that offer the option of making an animated version of your dog or cat. You only have to email some pictures of your pet and make a donation of 12 dollars, and that’s it. Not a bad deal isn’t it?

So, after finding about these charitable gifts, wouldn’t you like to give your support by making a purchase?