How Can You Get Your Cat to Love You?

December 28, 2018

Everyone knows that cats need affection. If you’re asking yourself how to get your cat to love you, we’ll show you a series of tips that will improve your relationship with him.

My cat is independent

Does this cat love you? Hope so, it's beautiful

Even though your feline friends depend on you to care for them, they also need their independence and space. They won’t always want to interact with you. The best option is to maintain a balance between the two. Let them play by themselves, respect their solitude and privacy, but also interact with them.

Cats and dogs are very different. So, don’t make the mistake of treating them as if they were the same, they have different personalities. While dogs are pack animals and have developed the ability to work alongside people, domestic are independent by nature.

If you notice that your cat is hiding from you, remember that it’s just a natural instinct. 

How to get your cat to love you: punishing them isn’t the answer

If you’re violent towards your kitten, it’ll have unforeseen reactions. The most common is an attempt to escape. They won’t learn from discipline and it will only make things worse. If you spray them with water, they’ll end up being afraid of you and won’t trust you.

Your cat’s favorite food

Your feline friend has their favorite foods, just like humans do. It’s good to know which are their favorite foods so you can use them to reinforce positive behavior. Positive reinforcement training is always better than using discipline or punishments.

Some foods they might like are small portions of tuna or cooked chicken pieces. Milk isn’t healthy for them, contrary to popular belief. You should also avoid sweets, chocolate, raw eggs, meat, and fish.

Feline body language

Cats use their body language to communicate with people. It’s important that you know how to decipher what they want to tell you through their body language. They may be telling you if they trust you, if they’re afraid, if they want to play, etc. Some of their most common gestures are arching their backs and curving their spines. This is usually a sign of threat, so it’s best to leave them alone.

If they rub up against you, it’s probably because they want to play. If they wrap their tail around you, it means that they’re happy. And, if they hide between your legs, it’s a sign of anxiety or insecurity.

Cat sounds

When a kitten purrs, they may be telling you that they love you or they’re happy. If they growl or hiss, it’s a sign that you should get away from them. Meowing, on the other hand, is their way of getting attention, expressing several sensations like hunger, desire for affection, etc. Keep in mind that cats don’t usually meow to each other. When they do, it’s to communicate with people. 

If your cat is continuously meowing, it’s a bad sign. It may mean that your cat has some type of ailment and that you should take him to the vet.

Eye contact

People normally look at each other in the eyes when having a conversation. However, this is threatening to cats. If you see them blink, it’s usually a sign of distrust. An effective trick is to imitate this behavior so they will communicate trust, sincerity, and affection.

Physical contact

If you want to pick your feline friend up, it’s best to bend down to their eye level so they can see you. If they see you before you lift them up, they’ll trust you more and will panic less. You have to understand his behavior.

In general, keeping your cat out of harm’s way will help them feel protected and they’ll be more affectionate towards you.

Schedules and cleaning

Happy cat

Kittens are animals of habit. It’s best to follow their scheduled meal and not make any drastic changes. Also, it’s a great idea to reward them with a treat when they do something good, as long as it doesn’t affect their meal.

Cleanliness is essential for your little feline. If they see that their litter box is dirty, they’ll choose to relieve themselves elsewhere. Their sand must be changed on a regular basis. Brushing will also keep their coat and skin very healthy. It will also help prevent tangles, hairballs, and excessive shedding. While petting your cat, you can also look for lumps, wounds, and parasites.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have learned ways to get your cat to love you!