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Intelligence-developing Games For Cats

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Stimulating the body and mind of your feline is fundamental for their general well-being. In order do this, there are entertaining toys that you can make at home.
Intelligence-developing Games For Cats
Last update: 27 December, 2022

Cats are very sensitive and intelligent animals that need to exercise their cognitive skills to maintain a healthy life. So, it’s important to provide with a stimulating environment with intelligence-developing games so they can remain physically and mentally active. 

Accessories and toys to stimulate your cat’s mind

It’s unlikely to be capable of spending all your time playing with your cats. So due to today’s fast pace of life, people spend hours working while their pers are left home, feeling lonely.

In order to prevent your cat from developing a sedentary routine, along with the negative effects that come with it, it’s important to fill your cat’s environment with toys and accessories that will stimulate their body and mind.

These days, it’s possible to find interactive toys, mazes, and towers, that are specially designed to develop on your cat’s intelligence. There are also several “wellness centers” that offer textures, brushing and massages as a way to relax your kittens.

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Intelligent food dispensers are excellent options to stimulate your cat’s curiosity. Also, some brands have specially designed mazes that “hide” treats where your pet has to be creative in order to find them.

However, you have to be sure that you don’t overload their environment to prevent them from getting confused. Toys and accessories must be separated from each other and your cat must have room to walk freely. Therefore, their litter box, resting area, and eating facilities must be respected.

Making your own intelligence-developing games for your cat

Another option is to make your own homemade toys to stimulate and entertain your feline. You can create intelligence-developing games for your cat using simple recycled materials, such as cardboard boxes or rolls of toilet paper. 

Below, are some simple and economic suggestions to encourage your kitten to use their creativity.

Puzzle/hiding spot for cats with a cardboard box

For those who live with a domestic cat, you know that they can make their own little world inside a simple cardboard box. So, why not take advantage of this inexpensive object to make an intelligence-developing game for your cat?

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All you’ll need is a strong cardboard box, a pair of scissors and toys that your kitten likes (balls, toy mice or birds, etc.). To start, make 12 holes with the scissors- or a razor blade- in the top of the cardboard box. 

Once you have done that, put the toys inside the box, and let your cat enjoy his private space with their “prey”.

Intelligence-developing games with rolls of paper

With some creativity, you can make several toys from toilet paper or paper towel rolls. A very practical option is using glue or tape to stick the rolls together in the shape of a pyramid.

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To finish it off, put some toys, treats or pieces of food in the rolls’ holes. This will make a great toy for stimulating your cat’s mind.

Sensory stimulation for your cats

Sensory stimulation is a key aspect to enriching your cat’s environment. In addition to having toys to keep them active, you should also have toys that stimulate their acute senses. 

Here are some ideas for sensory stimuli for your feline friend.

Visual and sound stimuli for cats

A cat can spend hours looking out a window, observing the movements of people and nature. This is a simple and inexpensive stimulus that every owner can give their kitten.

However, the window should be oriented toward positive stimuli and not toward unreachable prey, like birds. If your cat spends all day watching unattainable prey, he may start to get very frustrated.

You can also use the TV or another device, like a tablet or phone, to show your cats videos. Again, you have to remember that cats have their own way of feeling and understanding of the world. So, it’s important to pick out videos of images and sounds that will spark their interests.

Olfactory stimuli for your cat

Your cat’s sense of smell plays an important role in their understanding of the world. So, stimulating their olfactory abilities is essential to developing their intelligence. Catnip is usually the best option for awakening their olfactory curiosity.

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