The Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Last update: 01 August, 2018

Everyone knows that a cat’s love has to be earned and not bought.  However, deciding to get one of the most expensive cat breeds, is a real investment. 

Remember, there are many adult cats and kittens waiting for adoption in animal shelters across the country. These animals are not only capable of loving, but they will also be forever grateful to their new owners.

Many volunteers dedicate their time and resources to rescuing abandoned or homeless animals that were born on the street. Therefore, before spending a fortune on a purebred pet, why not give a home to a cat that actually needs it?

Why are some breeds more expensive than others?

Currently, there are around 250 classified cat breeds of all sizes. Some are more expensive, others more affordable; some very hairy, others with no hair at all. However, all are equally beautiful and possess an elegance that has fascinated humans for centuries.

expensive cats

The price of the breed is not always directly related to its beauty. There are internal and external factors that can increase or decrease its market price.

Internal factors

These are the the animal’s biological and innate factors.

Some cat breeds have a harder time reproducing or they have very small litters. Each animal’s size, fragility, and adaptive capacity play important roles in this context, especially for breeds that went through a radical habitat change.

In these cases, breeding calls for specific care and a favorable environment to create the optimal conditions for development. This partially explains why the most expensive cat breeds are usually the most exotic.

External factors

Cultural and historical changes influence the needs and preferences of each generation. So while some breeds are trendy, thanks to the media, others are valued for their abilities or sharp senses.

We need to be careful that trends do not encourage us to make thoughtless purchases that result in pet abandonment. An animal is a living being, not a decoration or toy. 

What are the most expensive cat breeds?

The most expensive cat breeds in the world are available for purchase in Europe.

  1. Norwegian Forest Cat

They say that the Vikings created this breed’s ancestors more than 2,000 years ago. Their voluptuous coat is due to their adaptation to extremely cold climates.

  1. American Curl

This is a very young breed that was created in California in the 1980s. Their ears are rolled back, and resemble small horns.

  1. Bengal Cat

This breed is basically a miniature Bengal tiger. It was created by crossbreeding a house cat with an Asian leopard cat. They have remarkable and elegant poise, and as adults, they weigh 8kg.

Does this seem like the perfect cat? Well, when you consider how much it costs…

bengal cats

  1. Savannah Cat

This curious breed was initially created in a laboratory that was studying leukemia. This breed is the result of a cross between a domestic cat and a wild Geoffroy’s cat.

Savannah cats have an impressive poise and a strong predatory and independent character. They can weigh up to 11kg and their appearance strongly resembles their wild ancestors.

  1. Khao Manee

This is an ancient breed that the royal family of the old Siam created. This civilization adored the Khao Manees and considered them to be symbols of luck and longevity.

Myth or historical fact, the truth is that these cats are worth a small fortune.

Their most peculiar feature is having different colored eyes, generally one green (or honey) and another blue. These stand out because of their white fur.

  1. Caracal

This breed is in danger of extinction. They are difficult to raise in captivity because of their predatory nature. 

  1. Chausie

The Chausie is a breed that was born from an interesting cross between a domestic cat and a swamp lynx. Chausies are so sociable that they can even die from loneliness. Therefore, this breed is perfect if you have children, dogs, and other cats.

However, their enjoyable company is also very pricey.

It is important to remember the following: maintenance, health, and food costs for the most expensive cat breeds remain high throughout their entire life. Therefore, it is essential to plan a monthly budget before choosing one as a pet.


This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.